Majestic and Magnificent Tribal Elephant Tattoo

black sexy baby elephant tattoo for girls

The elephant has an amazing presence. Anyone who has seen the magnificent creature can testify that they are lordly animals, and rightly chosen as the favorite animals of great kings and Maharajas in sub-continent. Elephants denote all the great things in human life. Similarly, elephant tattoos stand out amongst the hundred other animal tattoos because of their magnanimous aesthetics as well as deep meanings. Tribal elephant tattoo not only looks great, but it also symbolizes great meanings.

Tribal Elephant Tattoo for Women

girl with tribal black elephant back tattoo

Elephants are led by their eldest females. In tribal lore, the matriarch of the tribe is tattooed with an elephant, to show her authority and place in the tribe. Mostly Native American and Brazilian tribes, who hold women in great esteem, are known to have such customs. If the authority runs out of the bloodline, another woman will be endowed with an elephant tattoo, for her wisdom. This shows that the custom of tribal elephant tattoo started with women.

Pink Elephant Tattoos

Pink elephant tattoos were put on by women who were fond of drinking. It wasn’t an insulting gesture, just and informant one. It would depict the party loving nature of the woman. Most native American and Australian tribes saw no harm in such behavior.

Use of Elephant Tattoos in modern  World

There are countless interpretations of elephant tattoos, amongst both genders, and all professions. Some of the prevailing meaning and indications are:

  • Physical strength
  • Survival
  • Endurance
  • Good luck
  • Success
  • Virility for men
  • Fertility for women
  • Good memory
  • Family love
  • Intelligence
  • Farsightedness
  • Patience
  • Love for nature
  • Ancestral/tribal ties and traditions
  • honor

Importance of Elephant Tattoos in Hinduism

In Hindu religion, it was believed lucky for a pregnant woman to look upon a picture or statue of the elephant god Lord Ganesha. This particular god was cherubic, cheerful and lucky baby boy with an elephants head. It was believed to bring good luck to the mother. It was also said that doing this would produce a baby with similar endearing traits.

12 Photos of the Majestic and Magnificent Tribal Elephant Tattoo

black tribal simple elephant tattoo on the back for girlsblack sexy baby elephant tattoo for girlsblack elephant head tattoo on the backblack tribal elephant wrist tattoo for girlsgeometrical little black elephant tattoo on the armgirl with small baby elephant tattoo on the backgirl with tribal black elephant back tattooblack elephant armband tattoo for creative peopletribal cute elephant back tattoo for girlsfamily of elephants with baby elephant foot tattooblack tribal small elephant tattoo on the ankle for girlsbig indian tribal elephant tattoos on the leg

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