Lotus Flower Tattoo Meaning – Something You Must Know

red lotus loin tattoo for girls and women

If you are looking for the meaning of a lotus flower tattoo, then you are just at the right place. To know the meaning, you should know that lotus is seen as a sacred flower by ancient Egyptians and Hindus. This sacred lotus, which grows gracefully over the muddy water, is respected by Buddhists for a long time.

In Buddhism, the Buddha is often represented, sitting on a large lotus flower. Because according to the legends of Buddhism, it is found that where ever Buddha walked, lotus flowers grew there.

white lotus back tattoo for women and girls

Lotus Flower Tattoo Meaning in Buddhism

So, the meanings of the lotus flower tattoos have been derived from the Buddhist beliefs. Some of the most known meanings of the lotus flower tattoos are listed below:

  • Firstly, it means the ability to gain enlightenment as the lotus flower, which rises and grows above the muddy water.
  • Secondly, it means to purify one’s soul from all the evil.
  • Thirdly, a closed lotus flower represents that enlightenment has not been achieved yet. While a fully open flower means self awareness and complete enlightenment.
  • Lastly, it means rebirth. Rebirth in the sense of leaving wrong and doing right.

Lotus Tattoo Meaning Colors – More Details about the Lotus Flower

As you know that lotus is not of just one color. It has many colors, for example white, blue, red, pink and purple. To make it more clear for you here are lotus tattoo meaning colors. It will clear any confusions left in your mind about the meanings of different colored lotus flowers.

All these flowers have slightly different meanings from each other. Some of the most important meanings of some of these colors are listed below:

  • White lotus: A white lotus means a pure spirit, mind and body. It is known to be the lotus of Buddhas. And is believed to be in Garbhadhatu Mandala’s heart, where it functions as the World’s embryo.
  • Blue lotus: A blue lotus represents a person’s control over his/her mind. It also means intelligence, knowledge and wisdom. Because the blue lotus is mostly found half opened. It means that knowledge and wisdom are the things which never stop blooming.
  • Red Lotus: It symbolizes the heart in its original form. A red lotus is a sign of love, passion, activeness and many more emotions. It’s open petals means an open and giving heart.

There are various meanings of lotus flower tattoos. So, before you get a tattoo, think twice which type and color of the tattoo describes your personality at the best.

11 Photos of the Lotus Flower Tattoo Meaning – Something You Must Know

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