Lizard Tattoo Meanings

blue chameleon lizard with prey tattoo

There is a range of lizard tattoo meanings out there, and they are far from what you’d expect from the scaly creatures that scuttle across our feet in the dark. In fact, Lizards were actually important spiritual symbols in many cultures. In fact, the lizard was spiritually significant in:

  • Polynesia
  • Aztec Civilizations
  • Western Africa
  • Northern Peru
  • Greece
  • Egypt

Within these cultures, the lizard is known to be a symbol of:

green lizard with long tailt attoo on the leg
  • Good fortune
  • Prosperity
  • Appearances of the Gods
  • Guardianship against evil spirits
  • Adaptability
  • Eternity

The Lizard’s Significance Explained

In Polynesian culture, the Lizard was known as a messenger between men and the Gods. The Lizard’s appearance equated to the appearance of a God. Furthermore, the Lizard was said to be able to see the secret world of the Gods. It was also thought that they could understand their words and teachings. For this, Lizards were adored by the Polynesian culture and often tattoo subjects. Wearers of tribal tattoo style lizard designs can thank Polynesian folklore.

In other cultures, however, lizard tattoo meanings have more to do with guardianship. Western Africans painted lizards onto their walls to ward off evil spirits. Polynesians also viewed the lizard as a protector.

Lizards have another meaning in popular culture. The term “lizard brain” describes deep thought that is especially in tune with the subconscious needs and desires of humans. Someone with lizard brain is said to be acutely aware of his or her primitive instincts. These instincts are our needs for food, shelter, love, and reproduction. Seeking out these needs gives way to basic human aggression, fear, and impulsivity.

To have lizard brain means that these instincts and desires can be seen through one’s actions and creative outlets. Today in our highly civilized lives, it is hard to get in touch with our inner lizard brains.

The anatomy of the lizard also ties it to the ability to evade danger and adapt. For example, Lizards have tails that can detach and regrow. This phenomenon helps them when predators such as birds of prey try to eat these reptiles. Lizards simply lose their tales and move on to live another day. For this reason, they are revered as adaptable creatures whose versatility is emulated.

Clearly, Lizards have a plethora of meanings. From enlightened spiritual guides to bare instinctual creatures, Lizards represent different qualities depending on the culture. If you find that you can relate to these reptiles, perhaps a lizard tattoo is a good choice for you. If not, hopefully you found the many lizard tattoo meanings to be of interest.

Who would have thought Lizards were so significant?

10 Photos of the Lizard Tattoo Meanings

bright chameleon tattoo on the man's headmulticoloured lizard tattoo on the girl's stomachgreen lizard with long tailt attoo on the legblue chameleon lizard with prey tattoovaran smoker lisard tattoo on the backwinged iguana lizard tattoo on the woman's backlittle lizard man tattoo on the backsimple lizard neck tattoo for girls and womenmonochrome big iguana with long tail tattoosexy lizard tattoo on the back for beautiful women

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