Lion Tattoo Meanings

lion and lamb monochrome tattoo for girls and women

Lion tattoo meanings have changed somewhat over time and throughout the world. They still have the same general values, though. It’s hard to come up with new meanings for symbol that has been so potent for so long. The lion tattoo symbolizes:

  • Wisdom

romantic lion back tattoo for girls
  • Power

  • Royalty

  • Courage

  • Justice

  • Ferocity

  • Dominion

  • Authority

  • Dignity

  • The Symbolism Explained

    The Lion has been a sacred animal in many cultures throughout history. From Tibet to the Netherlands, the lion is a widely regarded symbol. Because the lion is so territorial and will protect its land, lions often symbolize guardianship. Lions have been painted on cave walls and used as statues guarding sacred entries to prevent evil and disease from entering.

    In many countries, the lion also symbolizes royalty. For example, lions have been depicted pulling the chariots of gods and goddesses. These pictorials along with the lion’s massive size, strength, and flowing mane, have made the lion a symbol of regality. In fact, Persians used the lion as a symbol on their thrones and armor. The English and the Scottish also use the lion as a coat of arms.

    The prevalence of the lion as a national symbol is comparable to that of the eagle. Countries worldwide find it an amazing creature. They place its picture on flags, armor, palaces, and more. As a result, to many, there are different lion depictions that can mean nationalism. For example, the lions on the English coat of arms represent the popular mindset, the voice of the people. To those who live in Great Britain, the lion is a symbol of their freedom.

    The prevalence of lions as symbols of loyalty and patriotism has made them symbols of official business. Often lions are used as stamps on seals for important letters. There are even religious clubs that bear the name, Lions Club.

    A Spiritual Symbol

    On that note, the lion is a widely regarded symbol of Christianity. The lion of Judah is a symbol that represents the people of Israel who bore the name Judah. Jesus was of this descent, making the symbol powerful. The lion was also a well-known symbol in Rome where it as used in gladiator rings. As Roman Catholicism grew, so too did the potency of the lion.

    The lion can also simply represent the attributes we as people want to emulate. Many revere the lion for its strength and ferocity. Others appreciate the regality, dignity, and honor associated with the lion. Many women identify with the backbone of the tribe, the lioness.

    Today, lion tattoos have many different connotations. It can be hart to decipher exactly why a person has chosen a lion tattoo. Perhaps, however, as you were reading something struck a chord with you. You may know exactly why you want to get a lion tattoo. It could be for the spirituality, for the strength, for the power, or maybe you just find them beautiful. Whatever your reasoning, lion tattoos can be fabulous works of art. Lion tattoo meanings can be just as beautiful.

    We all have a lion in our hearts; what makes yours roar?”

    12 Photos of the Lion Tattoo Meanings

    lion face tattoo on the side of girlblack roaring lion tattoo on the man's headlion sleeve bright tattoo for creative peopleabstract sad lion tattoo on the armlion and lamb monochrome tattoo for girls and womensimple lion king cartoon tattoo for girlsroaring traditional colourful lion tattoocolourful lion tattoo on chest of manmountain lion cartoon movie tattoolion portrait in blue shurt tattooromantic lion back tattoo for girlsgeometric lion tattoo in blue and purple palette

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