Lily Tattoo Designs to Embellish the Perfect Body

many flowers with lily tattoo on the hip

Lilies are delicate flowers that blossom and are quite unique. Lily tattoos are one of the most famous flowers that get the skin art. Rose tattoos are also painted on the skin. The most unique art is of the lilies that could be white, red or of any color. The importance of lilies is known keeping in mind the isolated growth of the flower. In Christianity, the lily reflects the chastity and immaculateness of Virgin Mary. In Buddhism, tiger lily tattoo designs hold a delicate nature.

Lily Tattoo Designs for Ladies

stargazer lily tattoo on the leg for men and women

The female beauty and sensitivity is given off by the flower. Size, shape and color of the flower varies from land to land. White lilies could be put up on the skin to give off the impression of virginity. Virgin ladies are pure and purity is symbolized by the white lily. Red lilies show affection, vigor, and friendship for the ones you love. Orange lilies give a vibe of satisfaction, ardor, and warmth.

Lily Tattoos for Men

They could include lily flowers with wines and thorns to show toughness. Fragile flowers like lily could not be painted so easily on men skin. Still harsh colored lilies could be painted on the skin to give a solid impression. Lily holds the qualities of trust, fertility, affection, purity, parenthood, protectiveness and promise. The colors of the flower could be changed to alter the meaning and shapes are altered too.

It depends on the person what he/she wants to show off. Mothers usually have lilies over their bodies to show fertility and protectiveness. Motherly nature and sense of organization are depicted through the lily flowers. Tribal lily tattoos often have a unique ancient perspective.

They are present in series or streaks with other 3 lilies. Usually girls get the lily skin art on the waist and get to extend it to the lower torso. The parts of the tattoo are divided from stem to leaf. They are as follows:

  • The lily stem gives off the impression of Mary’s solid religious persona.
  • Petals of lily reflect Mary’s virtue and purity
  • The beautiful smell of the flower expresses Mary’s divinity.
  • The leaves reflect Mary’s quietude

The lily is for health and allows person to help get what he/she wants. Development and nourishment are both representations of the flower. Fertility and love both are depicted by the lily which also represents the pure nature. New relationships are also started that could be shown by the lily. Lily tattoo designs are delicate and can be painted on the skin with wild pictures. Tribal lily tattoos have little difference but they could be used with extra wines instead of a single lily.

12 Photos of the Lily Tattoo Designs to Embellish the Perfect Body

man with cool orange lily half sleeve tattoopink lily neck tattoo for creative girlsgrey lily side tattoo for girlsbig pink lily forearm tattoo with letteringbeutiful purple lily back tattoo for girlwatercolor lily tattoo for men and womenstargazer lily tattoo on the leg for men and womenblack tribal lily sleeve tattoos for handsome mentiger lily half sleeve tattoo for womenman with big tiger lily leg tattoomany flowers with lily tattoo on the hippurple water llily tattoos with butterfly
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