Interesting & Unique Dreamcatcher Tattoo Meaning for Tattoo Wearers

simple dreamcatcher man's tattoo on the leg

Tattoo designs that are particularly famous among young women and men are the Dreamcatcher tattoos. This is because of their mystic qualities and exotic looks. Dreamcatcher tattoo meaning is all about protecting a person who is sleeping from dreadful nightmares and dreams.

Thrilling Dreamcatcher Tattoo Meaning

man with varicoloured dreamcatcher leg tattoo

Dreamcatcher is a popular symbol in the Native American culture, having deep rooted beliefs and history. Dreamcatcher tattoo designs are famous in every culture around the world. These unique and beautiful creations have strong meanings. It is a type of circular woven web or net decorated with different materials such as:

· Gem stones

· Shells

· Bells

· Feathers

· Beads

· Leather pouches

· Crystals

· Arrow Head

Many people believe that evil spirits send messages to humans when they are sleeping. Dreamcatcher tattoo meaning is to pass positive dreams and energy to the person and catch the negative dreams through its web. Therefore, the main purpose of Dreamcatcher tattoo is to get rid of negative energy and harmful dreams. Nowadays, Dreamcatcher tattoos are engraved not only because they provide protection to the person who owns it, but also it is a fascinating piece of art.

Origin of Dreamcatcher

It is believed that the origination of the Dreamcatcher is from the Anishinabe tribe. It is said that Anisihinabe were the first tribes for creating the Dreamcatcher. This tribe is also known as the Ojibwa and Chippewa. The Ojibwa belongs to Canada whereas the people of Chippewa were Americans. The Anishnabe tribe used to believe that magical powers are present in Dreamcatcher.
This tribe also used to believe that a Spider Woman travels and visits the cradle of every newborn. This Spider woman has the power of weaving a mystical web, which provides protection to infants from negative energy and evil spirits. Due to the expansion of the tribe, Spider women start having trouble to get to all the newborns. Thus, women belonging to tribe start weaving Dreamcatcher for their newborn babies.

Exotic Looks of the Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs

The Dreamcatcher tattoos are beautiful, very colorful and unique. If you want to engrave an attractive tattoo design on your body, then the Dreamcatcher tattoos are for you. However, before choosing the design of the Dreamcatcher tattoo, make sure that you know the entire meaning of that design. For the Native Americans, Dreamcather is a sign of their heritage and culture. They use to wear this sign with pride and rich tradition.

The Dreamcatcher tattoos can be designed in a variety of ways. There is also an extensive collection of items and animals that can be used for enhancing the beauty of the Dreamcatcher tattoo designs.

By the way, colorful dreamcatcher tattoos are loved so much by people who make them for sale or as a gift for friends and relatives. So they emphasize the importance of ths symbol in their lifes.

Wolf Dreamcatcher Tattoo Meaning

The Wolf Dreamcatcher tattoo is one of the types of Dreamcatcher tattoo having multiple symbolic meaning. Usually, the wolf tattoo meaning includes maleness, victory, success, devotion, bravery, secrecy, smartness, the devil, dark forces, family bonds, fierceness and being clever and powerful.

The association of the wolf is both positive and negative forces and that is why wolf tattoos have both evil and good connotations. However, in Native America, wolf Dreamcatcher tattoo meaning is to guide spiritually by helping the person at the time of crisis. These tattoos are mostly incorporated with other natural elements such as the forests and the moon.

10 Photos of the Interesting & Unique Dreamcatcher Tattoo Meaning for Tattoo Wearers

dreamcatcher side tattoosimple dreamcatcher man's tattoo on the legman with wolf dreamcatcher half sleeve tattooswolf dreamcatcher with quote tattoo on the hipman with dreamcatcher with ship shoulder tattoosimple dreamcatcher tattoos on the girl's thighpretty dreamcatcher back and neck girl's tattoobunnies dreamcatcher tattoo on the girl's thighblack dreamcatcher tattoo on side for womenman with varicoloured dreamcatcher leg tattoo
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