Indian Elephant Tattoo – An Awesome Choice for Tattoo Designing

simple elephant forearm tattoos in traditional style

Animal tattoos have replaced most of the traditional tattoo designs and symbols. Most of the people love to print different animal tattoos on their skin. There are lots of animals used for tattooing like the lion, cat, tiger and elephant. However elephant tattoos are the most famous among all.

Indian Elephant Tattoo

black tribal elephant leg tattoo for man and women

The Indian elephant tattoo is one of the best choices for tattoo lovers due to its wide design and symbol of power, wisdom and success. The elephant tattoo meaning and their graceful designs appear quite attractive on the skin. An elephant is considered as the symbol of power, wisdom, strength, prosperity, love and good luck.

Here are a few widely used types of elephant tattoo designs:

Asian Elephant Tattoo

If you are among those who love to ink elephant tattoos on the skin, then Asian elephant tattoo is a best choice for you. It has broad design, appealing look and gives bold images for tattoo designs. The Asian elephants are giant elephants and they can be designed in a variety of styles and colors. It can be only an elephant or an elephant in a scenario.

There are plenty of choices that can be inked onto the skin for presentation. It can be either the whole picture of an elephant or just the head and trunk that can be used for tattooing.

African Elephant Tattoo

African elephants are one the most ancient creatures known in the history of elephants. The African elephant tattoo gives a bold, powerful and unique design on the skin. In most of the African and Indian cultures, the African elephant is perceived as a God, so lots of people use the picture for elephant to the religious point of view.

The Ganesh is considered as the God in the Hinduism and widely used in the tattoo designing today. There is so much variation in the elephant tattoo designs and the elephant tattoo can be inked on any part of the body. It can be:

  • A baby elephant tattoo
  •  Royal war elephant
  •  Mighty elephant tattoo
  •  A pair of small elephants as the tattoo.

Japanese Elephant Tattoo

The Japanese elephant tattoo is available with lots of options to ink on the skin. The traditional tattoo designs offer intricate and bizarre designs for tattoo lovers. It includes Giant sized elephants equipped with war tools and ornaments. Like men, women are also inclined towards the elephant tattoo design. They use these Japanese tattoos in different colors and variations on the arms, shoulders, neck and back.

All these elephant tattoos design appeal the viewers and gives and striking image on the skin. The elephants are respected and valued in many cultures due to their symbolic characteristics. Most of the people love to wear these elephant tattoos to associate them with the characteristics of animals. There are many countries in Africa and India, where the elephant is used in many sculptures and art for designing. Get a wide range of tattoo designs and choose one for yourself.

13 Photos of the Indian Elephant Tattoo – An Awesome Choice for Tattoo Designing

black tribal elephant leg tattoo for man and womenindian elephant trunk back tattoowoman with elephant god full back tattoobuddha elephant full back tattoo for creativ persongirl with indian elephant face hip tattootwo grey elephant tattoos on the shouldersimple elephant forearm tattoos in traditional styleblack and white indian elephant tattoo on the hipgirl with big elephant head hip tattoosmall elephant tattoo on the stomach for girlsasian elephant head tattoo on the armsimple tribal african elephant back tattoomn with grey elephant shoulder tattoo

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