Incredible Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs for You

girl with cute red lotus back tattoo

Do you want a tattoo? But confused among different designs? Then you should know that one of the best and popular choices that you can consider are lotus flower tattoos. These tattoos are famous for their wide range of eye-catching designs and positive meanings.

Let’s talk about the meanings first. The most common meanings of the lotus flower are:

girl with cute red lotus back tattoo
  • to seek light and wisdom
  • to purify a person’s soul
  • to achieve success
  • faithfulness

These encouraging meanings make lotus flower tattoos something worth trying.

Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs of Your Choice

Now, come to their designs. A lotus flower tattoo is one of those unique tattoos that will look amazing on any part of your body. It can be sized according to the size of the body part. For example, it can be a small flower for your inner wrist or a big lotus on your back. Also, a lotus flower can be used in a theme of so many colors like bold or bright, gray or black. So, you can have a lotus flower tattoo according to your personal taste.

Tattoo Designs for Both Males and Females

When we talk about flower tattoos, we think of them for girls only. But in the case of this flower, there are designs of lotus flower tattoo for men and female lotus flower tattoos.

There is a vast variety of designs that comes from the different colors of the lotus flower. These colors include the most common white lotus, then blue and red lotus, pink, purple and golden lotus. After colors come in different position of the flower, for example, is the flower on water and is it fully opened or half opened.

After the colors and position of the flower, it comes to the position of the tattoo. There are many different positions of the tattoo for both males and females. Female lotus flower tattoos are mostly worn on the neck, inner wrist or feet. Large lotus flowers are mostly tattooed on the shoulder, thigh or back.

While, lotus flower tattoos for men are mostly found to be located at the biceps, lower arm or shoulder. Men also prefer to get a tattoo on their back or chest. Also, women prefer colorful lotus flower tattoos while most men prefer grey and black themes.

13 Photos of the Incredible Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs for You

burning lotus om tattoo on the sidegirl with black lotus mandala back tattooman with burning red lotus stomach tattooman with lcoloured lotus shoulder tattoored lotus stomach tattoo for women and menblack and white lotus flower tattoo on the man's forearmgirl with big pink lotus side tattoogirl with cute red lotus back tattoobig pink lotus blossom shoulder tattooblack lotus scar cover up back tattooman with simple lotus flower tattoo on the neckbuddha lotus hip tattoo for girls and womenlotus back tattoo with butterfly and dragonfly for girls
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