In Reverence of the Ancient Mystics: Buddhist Tattoo Ideas

woman with all back buddhist tattoo

Tattoos have more history to them than one could reckon. What eventually started as an acupunctural practice has now become a vivid form of body art and is associated with beauty. Tattoos are more than just images; they symbolize and form the identity of the wearer.

Buddhism is a religion which revolves around the idea of peace and energy. The world surrounding us is filled with energy. Tattoos have been an integral part of Buddhism ever since the early times of its inception. Ancient people placed markings upon their bodies as a mark of respect to this attainment of spiritual energy.

colourful buddhist chakras tattoo on the man's back

When it comes to the different Buddhist tattoo designs you could choose from, the main thing to consider is the message you want to give. Different symbols and designs portray different meanings. Location of the tattoo is also an important consideration.

From Buddhists perspective, your body is akin to a temple with tattoos being adornments for it. The tattoos are more than just images; they are reminders of one’s purpose in life and the path to take. The lotus pose of the Buddha, the letters from holy books and the lotus lily all symbolize different aspects of life’s journey.

Most Often Chosen Buddhist Symbols Tattoos

Some of the most popular symbols in Buddhist tattoo designs are excerpts of holy books. Take repeatedly chanted mantras for instance. The “Om Mani Padme Hum”, believed to be the epitome of the teachings of Buddha, makes for an ideal tattoo. The phrase is barely more than two word’s length plus serves as a constant reminder as to what life really is all about.

Buddhist Tattoo Designs

Coming over to designs, there is no end for Buddhist tattoo ideas. Buddhism is an extremely expressive and colorful religion and thus has a lot of art and visuals to it. Associations with nature alone open up several dimensions.

How does this translate into different Buddhist Tattoo Designs?

  • Take the Lotus flower. Done properly, albeit a simple flower, the tattoo can have striking effects on the eye of any beholder.
  • Another idea is to get the Mandala Wheel inked. If your mind agrees to the process involved in getting a ‘very’ detailed tattoo then look no further than this. The wheel ensembles ‘the center’ and is actually used to aid in meditation by monks.
  • Another masterpiece from the Buddhist symbols tattoos would be the single Sanskrit symbol “Om”. There is a reason why this single symbol prevails over all others. Considered to be the first ‘sound’ or vibration of the universe, Om means peace and symbolizes the stages of birth, life and death. The symbol boasts some great aesthetics as well, having sophistication in simplicity.

The possibilities are endless. With a religion as vibrant and radiant as Buddhism you can take up any theme. It doesn’t matter if you pick a mystic and ancient symbol or an icon which ensembles a jovial Buddha in meditation, you will have heads turning all the way.

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monochrome buddhist mandala tattoos on the handsbuddhist mantra lettering tattoo on the forearmcrying eye with lotus buddhist leg tattoogirl with big buddhist elephant tattoo on the backcolourful buddhist chakras tattoo on the man's backwoman with all back buddhist tattoocolourful buddhist elephant tattoos for men and womengirl with black buddhist tattoo on the backbuddhist lotus tattoo in tribal style for womenbig head of budda tattoo on the shoulderbuddhist mandala leg tattoo for men
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