Imaginative Polynesian Tribal Tattoo Designs

polynesian sun tattoo on the man's back

The beautiful Polynesian tattoo designs set tattooing precedents. Influence from this style of art is heavily evident in modern tattooing worldwide. Just what is it about these tattoos that make them so popular?

The Tattoo Broken Down

polynesian leg tattoos for men and women

For starters, the intricate designs are incredibly creative and well thought out. These swirling creations are mesmerizing. It is easy to become lost in the imaginative patterns. Next, the thick dark lines that comprise these tattoos are bold. A nice break from fine lines and small details of realism, they stand out among modern designs.

Furthermore, Polynesian tattoo designs often take up large amounts of space. They are popular sleeve, shoulder, and back tattoos. The volume of artwork makes the designs pop out.

Decoding hidden symbols of the tattoos and their meanings can be enthralling. Symbols of western culture differ greatly from Polynesian culture. Gazing upon a tattoo can be like traveling back in time to distant lands.Polynesian tattoo symbols range from elements of nature to the tiki. Symbols include:

  • Turtle shells
  • Marquesan crosses
  • Sharks’ teeth and sharks
  • Tikis
  • Geckos
  • The sun
  • The sea
  • Spearheads

Uniqueness and Personality

These designs are easily manipulated to become unique. Tattoos can be customized to fit the style and personality of anyone. Polynesian tattoos for women today often appear feminine in their smaller, swirling designs. Flowers and other feminine symbols can be incorporated to give the tattoos a female edge. Male tattoos, on the other hand, have bulkier designs. Their tattoos are also larger to make them more masculine.

The amount of culture laced within these tattoos has not been lost throughout the ages. Despite western missionaries who tried to assimilate the indigenous population, their culture remains to captivate us today. Become bored with the brilliant Polynesian tattoo designs is a difficult feat.

Customize your perfect tribal tattoo!

12 Photos of the Imaginative Polynesian Tribal Tattoo Designs

polynesian girl's sleeve and leg tattoospolynesian leg tatoo on the man's legnarrow female polynesian tattoo on the nckhandsome men with polynesian turtle tattoosexy polynesian tattoo on the girl's hipunfinished polynesian man's chest tattoopolynesian tattoo on sleeve of strong manpolynesian sun tattoo on the man's backwomen polynesian tattoo on the girl's hipwell-built man with polynesian half sleeve tattoopolynesian tatoo on leg for menpolynesian leg tattoos for men and women
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