How to Tattoo with a Tattoo Gun & Different Tattoo Needle Types

How To Use A Tattoo Gun

Tattoo gun and Tattoo Needle Types are tools which are used in the process of crafting tattoos. You can make a tattoo manually by using your hand and needle with ink, but maybe it will only work when the design is small and simple. But if you have a large and more complicated design like tattoo symbols for marriage, then you will need a hand held device called tattoo gun. The result of making tattoo with tattoo gun will be more satisfying. The problem is, not everybody knows what Tattoo Needle Types to use when tattooing, except the professional tattoo artist or tattoo maker.

The first tattoo machine was discovered by Samuel O’Reilly in 1891. The machine based on the invention of Thomas Alva Edison’s electric pen. Electromagnetic coils use in the modern tattoo machine. The electromagnetic moves the armature bar up and down. The bar was connected to a barred needle grouping which pushes the ink into the skin. You can control the needle depth, force application and speed in the most modern tattoo machine or gun. So, it will produce a very precise art form on how to tattoo with a tattoo gun. You can buy a tattoo gun from the internet or a certain store which provided it.

Gun Tattoo Designs for Men

What Tattoo Needle Types to Use When Tattooing

After you pick some design of the tattoo, now this is the time for you to know how to tattoo with a tattoo gun. Of course the different Tattoo needle types matter here. RL needles are used for lining, RS needles come in handy when applying delicate shades to the more complex tattoos. Similarly the curving magnum can also be used to for shading albeit for the not-so-sophisticated designs. The best way to get used to using different needles is to liken them to a pen and imagine using them on paper. Eventually you’ll get the right ‘feel’ to it.

If you are interested in trying how to tattoo with a tattoo gun or attending some course for tattooing, you can follow the steps below:

  • · First, hold the gun or machine in your hand with the proper angle and position.
  • · Remember the place you should grip is around the needle tube.
  • · Place your palm of your arms on the surface of the skin swivel.
  • · Turn on the machine.
  • · Tilt the machine around a 45-degree angle
  • · Start to make your tattoo design with a tattoo gun

For the first time of using the machine, you will feel a bit hard to control it. Just stay calm and concentrate, after several times you will get used to its weight and the movement. And, gradually you will be at easy to control it. It is better to make a simple design first and after several times you can try more complicated design.

One thing you should always remember even after you know how to tattoo with a tattoo gun. You have to be careful to use it. Always read the manual of the machine and use it carefully to prevent the accident. It is possible the accident may happen during the process of making tattoo with a tattoo gun.

32 Photos of the How to Tattoo with a Tattoo Gun & Different Tattoo Needle Types

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