How to Design Your Own Tattoo to Express Your Personality?

Artists of various ages, and cultures are encouraged to become a part of this book

Tattoos are a work of art and creativity. They express your personality in a meaningful way. Many people carve tattoos on their body to express themselves. If you too have decided to get a tattoo, it is time to think about the design first. Many people have got tattoos already and you may see some common designs. It is good to have a unique tattoo if you want to get a unique look. Having a common tattoo that many people have seen is useless. An exciting expression of personality is achieved by a creative and unique design.

A tattoo is a statement about who you are. So, you should design your own tattoo for a true self-expression. You can design your tattoos by your own ideas while blending them with unique ideas. You can take help from online sources of tattoo designs such as blogs, websites, tattoo books, etc.

Artists of various ages, and cultures are encouraged to become a part of this book

Online Tattoo Art Gallery

The easiest way to find a unique and impressive tattoo designs is by using the internet. There are tattoo art galleries having a large variety of designs that you can choose from. Some websites also direct you to some results that are very common. So, it is recommended that you make some changes in the design yourself to personalize the tattoo. You can introduce many changes in the designs according to your wish. You can mix multiple designs and patterns together for a unique new design.

There are some websites that give you the facility to save your own designed tattoos in the gallery and use them when you want. You can share your tattoo sketches with others.

Get Help from Tattoo Designer Online

You may find a tattoo designer online to consult and find the expert opinion. They may help you many ways such as:

  • They can give expert advice about the modern tattoo trends and tattoo meanings.
  • You can get help from them and see their work as well on their websites.
  • You can ask questions and can also share your ideas.
  • You can also hire professional tattoo designer to design a tattoo according to your choice.

Tattoo Books – A Big Help for Tattoo Lovers

The best tattooed Maori Netana Whakaari of Waimana once said “Adversity can make you lose your most valuable property in different ways. You may lose your wife, your house or any other treasure you possess. But of your moko, you cannot be dispossessed except by death. It will be your companion and your ornament until your very last day”.

We made a TOP 3 of popular tattoo books based on opinions of customers from Enjoy it!

3-rd place

Vintage Tattoos: The Book of Old-School Skin ArtVintage Tattoos: The Book of Old-School Skin Art

4,3 out of 5 stars

Are you a fan of old school tatoos? Great, it may be interesting for you!

Now there is a new school tattoo design, but old, traditional tattoo style is still popular. It strongly entered into various fashion designs, films, music videos, art – it’s the second wave of popularity, isn’t it? These tattoo with broken hearts, naked girls, swallows, old school roses, and nautical emblems turned into immortal classic symbols which never go out of tattoo fashion. Let’s read what do customers think about this book:

  • “This is a truly fascinating book, and will keep you entertained for hours”.
  • “Whether you’re looking for tattoo ideas, a tattoo history lesson or want to have a unique perspective on vintage tattoos – this is a must add to your bookshelf”.
  • “The information provided is a really fun read, but other reviews are correct in that it doesn’t have completely accurate depictions of the artist’s flash. Some look to be done in crayon. Give me the real artwork, and this book is perfect”.


2-nd place

This book is loved by tattoo beginners and professionalsBasic Fundamentals Of Modern Tattoo

4,4 out of 5 stars

This book is written by famous tattoo artist Charles R Jordan who has been tattooing since June 2000. The “Basic Fundamentals Of Modern Tattoo” is a lovely book of many beginners and professional tattoo masters. Why they like it? Because there are a lot of information about components of tattoo guns, tattoo machine settings, needles configurations, the best pigments for the job and sterilization standards – it can help to increase your technical level of job to high.

Customers from note that:

  • “This book helped me understand better how a machine works and how to tweak my machine to my liking”.
  • “I’ve had the book about four weeks and have read it almost five times now. Since getting it I’ve been inspired to take my tattooing a bit further than originally intentioned. I am breaking down machines and studying the geometry of them and really trying to study the technical side beyond the art”.
  • “It gives detailed information about the machine and equipment and even includes helfpul tips and tricks. I’d highly recommend it to those serious about tattooing”.
  • “I would still recommend it to a fledgling apprentice however”.


1-st place

The Coloring Book Project: A Collection By 100 Artists From Around The World

5 out of 5 stars!

Due to the growing fascination with tattoos among the modern society,  and due to the popularity of the themselves in general have resulted in the publication of many books. Among these books is a masterpiece called “The Coloring Book Project: A Collection By 100 Artists From Around The World”. Artists of various ages, and cultures are encouraged to become a part of this book, provided they have the inspiration and ingenuity needed to create an amazing, meaningful and everlasting tattoo.

What is brought to you by this book?

The work of some famous artists, including Don Macdonald, Durb Morrison, Jason Stephan, Josh Duffy, Gunnar and Andy Engel is also included in the book. Through this book many artists are able to bring forward their creativity. They are able to contribute their enchanting and astounding sketches. The book comprises of 215 pages, each page is full of different activities that are dying to be executed and various inspirations, astonishing and bewildering designs. The main purpose of the book is to pay homage to the artist that is hidden inside of you, waiting for the right place and right moment to come out.

There are various images of robots, geisha tattoos, bio mechanical designs, anchors, birds, beautiful roses, skulls, snakes and much more that can be used.

The purpose of this book is not to be used as a tattoo flash card but yet you can get ideas from it. The work of different artist might inspire you, and you are able to develop something based on his/her work and make your own masterpiece.

Why people think that it’s the best tattoo book? Let them tell themselves:

  • “I bought this book during my apprenticeship to help me with my shading and color schemes. I’d copy a page and go to town. This book has so many different types of designs it was a fantastic reference. I recommend it to everyone, tattooists and color page enthusiasts alike”.
  • “There are plenty of great drawings in this book, with different styles to suit everybody. I have a number of friends see the book and decide they must have it for themselves”.
  • “I LOVE this book. It is truly a unique idea by a HUGE selection of different artists, with different styles. I recommend making a copy of the page if you don’t want to ruin your original page. I LOVE ALL of this art”.

15 Photos of the How to Design Your Own Tattoo to Express Your Personality?

This book is loved by tattoo beginners and professionalsblack and grey peacock arm tattoo for nice girlsgirl with new school full back tattoo with roseArtists of various ages, and cultures are encouraged to become a part of this bookcolourful lion king cartoon tattoounusual tattoo about time on the girl' backhandsome man with many tattoos in the arms, chest and neckpopular tattoo in latin on the stomacheman with realistic girl' head tattoo on the armBlack bear face tattoo artVintage Tattoos: The Book of Old-School Skin Artgirl with beautiful colorful full leg tattoogirl dreamcatcher feather tattoo on the ankle and footman with many tattoos on the armsmonochrome aztec calendar tattoo on the back
man with simple lotus flower tattoo on the neck
Simple Lotus Flower Tattoo
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