Graceful Cat Tattoos & the Meaning behind Them

Rainbow cheshire cat's head tattoo

There are many tattoo designs that you can choose from when you decide to get a tattoo. One of the leading designs in tattoos is cat tattoos. These tattoos are super cute and adorable, and can also symbolize many things. They look graceful and elegant and you can get them in all sorts of colors and styles. Some people even choose the cat tattoo designs to symbolize the love for their feline friends that may have passed away.

Hellcat tattoo in old school style

The Meaning behind the Cat Tattoo

Cats are gorgeous sleek creatures that have been parts of our lives for a very long time. Archaeological expeditions keep unearthing cats as pets for a very long time, and before that, as Gods. The ancient Egyptians loved and worshipped cats. Maybe that’s the reason cats still treat us with an aloof coolness even today. Jokes aside, there are many symbolisms behind this elegant creature. Celtic symbolism for cats is guardians of the Underworld.

Other symbolisms for cat tattoos can be:

  • Luck
  • Grace
  • Magic
  • Beauty
  • Shadows
  • Adoration
  • Cleverness
  • Intelligence
  • Transformation
  • Feminine Energy

There are many other variations on the symbolism of cats. There are various cool cat tattoo designs available for people of all ages. They can symbolize or mean anything, but the most common meanings are grace, royalty, guardianship and shape-shifting.

Choosing a Cool Cat Tattoo

There are many cat tattoo designs such as traditional cat tattoo that you choose. You can choose a cat outline that is both modern and artistic, in natural colors such as black or brown, or bright hues such as greens, pinks and blues. You can also choose a cat tattoo such as a paw or just a face. These tattoos look very cute and you can even choose cartoon cats such as Hello Kitty, if that is what you’re after.

Traditional cat tattoo designs such as those done in black or white ink are a classic look that you can easily rock. You can get a small tattoo on your wrist or ankle, or actually anywhere. It’s small, after all. You can also go for a larger tattoo on arms or back to make a style statement and look different.

Cat Tattoos are definitely a tattoo trend that will always be popular and in demand. You can choose from a range of designs and colors for your skin and personality. These tattoos help build your confidence and make you feel pretty, strong and elegant. You’re only limited by your own imagination, so let it flow and get your message across in a stunning tattoo that speaks volumes.

14 Photos of the Graceful Cat Tattoos & the Meaning behind Them

Cat and moon smilings tattooTattoo with cat's big eyesLittle cat tattoo on the woman breastCat tribal woman tattoo in minimal styleTattoo of cat's heads with big earsSmall cat tattoo in anime styleHellcat tattoo in old school styleTwo fat cat's heads on the feetRainbow cheshire cat's head tattooGraceful egyptian cat tatoo on the women bodyBlack cat tattoo on the woman armLittle cat paw tattoo behind the earCats look on the moon tattooLittle gray cat tattoo

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