Gorgeous Lizard Tattoo Designs

big-eyed lizard tattoo in cartoon style

Lizard tattoo designs are as abundant as the many species of lizard. Lizard tattoos are less common than some other iconic designs. Still, they hold an important place in tattoo history. There are many types of lizards that roam the planet. Some of the most common varieties to be tattooed are:

  • Salamanders
  • Iguanas
  • Chameleons
  • Geckos

The Styles

lizard tattoo with flowers on the forearm

These lizard tattoo designs can be done in a number of styles. The most common are tribal and modern lizard tattoos. Tribal tattoos are made with bold black lines that curve and form patterns or abstract designs. These tattoos are beautifully creative and often represent the tribal significance of the lizard. Modern designs, on the other hand, allow artists to use the wide array of colors that lizards come in. Some are drawn realistically, some take on a more cartoonish air. Many are made with vibrant, tropical colors.

The Personalized Tattoo

Lizard tattoos are not generally more popular with either men or women. They can be adapted to fit the styles of both. Lizard tattoos for men are often larger and feature darker colors. These tattoos could be on shoulders, backs, legs, and chests. Common colors are green, black, red, and orange.

For women, the tattoos often are created with more feminine qualities. Female lizard tattoos usually are drawn with more gentle, lithe bodies to replicate feminine physique. Additionally, they often use brighter colors to be cuter. Additionally, flowers are a popular compliment to lizard tattoos on women. Hibiscus flowers especially go well with tribal designs, for they are a known Polynesian symbol.

You could have a lizard tattooed on your body, or you could have your body tattooed into a lizard. The lizard man, or lizardman, is a side show performer who had his entire body tattooed and modified to replicate a lizard. He has earned his spot in the public eye through various side show and television performances, and even his band called lizard skynard. Most people opt for less extreme designs, however.

Lizard tattoos come in a wide variety of styles and options. Whether you are looking for a small, cute, and colorful design or a bold and tropical look, there is a lizard out there for you. Remember that these little creatures represent appearances of gods in Polynesian culture. Perhaps one of the many lizard tattoo designs will bring you good luck.

Get a taste for the tropics with this tattoo!

10 Photos of the Gorgeous Lizard Tattoo Designs

lizard black geometric tattoo on the legbig lizard iguana tattoo for menblack lizard tattoo for mennice lizard tattoo on the foot for girlslizard tattoo with flowers on the forearmbig-eyed lizard tattoo in cartoon stylebrigh green lizard tattoos on the man's legtattoo of lizard with long tail in ols school stylelizard man tattoo on the shinbig sly green & grey lizard man tattoo

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