Get Aztec Warrior Tattoo to Express Your Courage and Bravery

man with grey aztec warrior with girl tattoo

Aztec civilization had a culturally rich and historical background. Although the civilization does not exist anymore, yet its art and imagery is a popular source of modern day tattoos. With many of its symbols used as tattoos, this is one of the most popular and loved tattoos by all. It represents many aspects of the ancient society.

What Does Aztec Warrior Tattoo Represent?

aztec eagle warrior back tattoo for men

These warrior tattoos are not just about war, battle and strength. They have a much deeper meaning. The Aztecs had a tradition of sacrificing humans and animals. Most prisoners of the Aztecs would be executed to keep all to achieve satisfaction of their gods. Aztec warriors had been some of the most vicious warriors, the world has ever seen. This is a symbol for human soul in the afterlife.
Following are the various aspects of this warrior tattoo:

  • Vigor, boldness and bravery: Aztec warriors had a strong body. They were fierce and dreadful for opponents. They were famous for their warfare techniques.
  • Honor:  Honor was essential on and off battle fields. Defeat could lead to the demotion or the death sentence by the fellow warriors. Honor during battles was a source to honor gods.
  • Discipline: This was a trait of every warrior. Every child, from his/her teen age who was trained to be disciplined and a great warrior.
  • Sacrifice: Sacrificing enemy and self sacrifice during battles was an essential of their culture.
  • Heritage: The tattoo depicts the Latin America’s heritage especially Mexico which was once under the civilization of Aztecs.

Aztec Warrior Tattoo Designs and Ideas

There are various categories and ideas for Aztec warrior tattoo designs which include the following:

  • Eagle Aztec Warrior Tattoo Design:  This is the most stylish design of all. They represent the tough and untiring fighters. It was a position all rich and poor aspired for.
  • Jaguar Aztec Warrior – Tattoo Design: They are on the whole the same as eagle warriors, just with an addition of battle dress of the jaguar. Historical aspect is similar yet creative aspect tends to differ. Both designs can be merged together for an original, unique tattoo.
  • Otontin and Cuachicqueh Tattoos: Although not as popular as the above but these tattoos represent moving ahead during battles.

These are not the only famous designs but Tezcatlipoca, lord of warriors with his tongue sticking out is yet another popular and favored design. The Sun and Aztec shield with the sun god are other loved warrior designs. Warrior’s head as a skull is yet another in-demand design.
These colorful and attractive tattoos will always be in trend and would never fail to capture attention of everyone around.

10 Photos of the Get Aztec Warrior Tattoo to Express Your Courage and Bravery

man with aztec skeleton warrior forearm tattooman with grey aztec warrior with girl tattoopopular aztec half sleeve warrior tattoo for menaztec colourful jaguar warrior tattoo on the shouldereagle warrior with shield aztec shouder tattooaztec warrior winner tattoo on the man's shoulderbrave aztec warrior tattoo on the man's shoulderaztec eagle warrior back tattoo for menforearm aztec warrior with woman tattoocolourful aztec eagle warrior tattoo

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