Greatest Geisha Tattoo Designs Ideas

Samurai Geisha Tattoo Designs

Geisha tattoo designs. Looking at geisha tattoo on tumblr might make you wonder just who or what is this women, what make them so popular to be a quite tattoo designs? You can spot either man or woman bearing the geisha tattoo designs, it’s because it is a tattoo designs for woman as well for man. Although most people would think that geisha meaning are more suitable for woman as the samurai tattoo designs for man.  Geisha tattoo designs have many variations and meanings, to learn more about geisha tattoo meaning, just continue reading.

What Do Geisha Tattoos Mean

The geisha itself is a symbol of beauty, attraction and mystery.  While widely misunderstood as simple prostitute, geisha actually is an embodiment of arts like tribal tattoos. They are trained from very young to master the art of entertaining men, not only in bed but also in the form of companions. That is why geisha are well equipped with the skill of singing, dancing and listening. Unfortunately, as they are often seen as   paid escort, many would overlook their knowledge in the matter of politics and history. But nowadays many people start to learn more about geisha that they become awed with geisha and bearing geisha tattoo designs.

Geisha Tattoo Designs Art

Geisha tattoo designs meaning could be different depending on the region. Geisha tattoo designs represent the traditional culture of Japan. While westerner used geisha’s tattoos design mostly as a symbol for beauty and exotic. If you have been looking for geisha tattoo pictures on tattoo site like Johnny tattoo for woman tattoo designs, you might realize that geisha tattoo designs usually very colorful and detailed, that mean it will take a skillful tattoo artist and wide enough skin to get one. So if you’re planning on getting one that will capture the true beauty and mystery of a geisha do some research for tattoo shop for geisha tattoo that suit you.

41 Photos of the Greatest Geisha Tattoo Designs Ideas

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