Fox Tattoo Designs – Know the Whole Mystery about Them

geometrical red fox face tattoo on the hip

Everyone wears a tattoo for the purpose of the association with certain traits or characteristics belong to that tattoo. A fox is an animal perceived as a clever and cunning. For children and adults, there are lots of myths and stories about the fox. It has become a symbol of wisdom and mental strength. Foxes are considered as feminine creatures and played vital roles in the old stories in different cultures. Most of the people use these designs to associate the characteristics of a fox in their personalities.

Fox Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings

man with abstract red fox tattoo on the side

There are a number of human traits that are perceived to belong to the fox which include but not limited to:

  • Sexuality and fertility
  • Wisdom
  • Trickery and Deception
  • Sharp Instincts
  • Intelligence and Cunning
  • Mistrust, suspects and cleverness

There are great variations available in such designs of tattoos with lots of colors and sizes that can be easily depicted on the skin. The amazing designs of the fox tattoos give an appealing look and beautiful tattoo on the skin. These tattoo designs are not only worn by women, but men also like the animal to show their mental superiority.

Tribal Fox Tattoo

There are lots of tattoos with the tribal depictions and their meanings different from culture to culture. In many countries in Asia, Europe, America and, the fox is perceived as a symbol of wisdom, intelligence and power. The picture of the fox can be inked in lots of manners coming with tribal patterns and it can resize as per needs. Though, the fox is not a symbol of power and fierce, but it has rampant use of the tattoo designing today. The tribal fox tattoo design can be customized in any form by combining it with other forms of tattoo designing.

Red Fox Tattoos

All of us have heard the old folklore of red fox which is famous for its mistrust and cleverness. The red fox tattoo gives the most appealing look of a tattoo design and represent the elements of sexuality and mistrust. In the spiritual world, fox is regarded as the guide that always leads people to the right path. The symbolic representation of red fox is characterized by its long bushy tail, which adds more grace to a tattoo design. The red fox tattoo is available in different poses, colors, variations and styles that are used by people to depict on their bodies.

12 Photos of the Fox Tattoo Designs – Know the Whole Mystery about Them

sleeping red fox face tattoo on the legblack tribal fox tattoo on the legcool geometrical red fox shoulder tattooman with abstract red fox tattoo on the sidebrother fox and brother rabbit tattoo on legsgeometrical red fox face tattoo on the hipgeometrical red fox tattoo on the sideflowers with fox shoulder tattoo for menfox tattoo designs on the forearm for girlsman with black linework fox forearm tattoolittle red fox tattoo behind eargrey fox into pieces chest tattoo for men

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