Football tattoos


The fashion football tattoos extended worldwide recently. Emblems of club fan groups, mascots of teams were followed by the short slogan were carried out in club colors. Most radical fans even do tattoos to protest against actions of the police trying to eradicate violence on tribunes of stadiums.

The fashion on a tattoo extended and among football players. However, the acting players prefer the images which aren’t connected with sports subject. It is clear: for them soccer not hobby, but work, and, in fact, to list on their bodies workplaces – note as often players change clubs! – not many of them want.


To put a sign in memory of any important event in career – another matter. Most of the football players draw on the bodies of an emblem of clubs which they support and then showing proudly to their fans, do these images with paint of the henna applied on skin. The tattoo keeps at most a month such and, strictly speaking, isn’t a tattoo.

24 Photos of the Football tattoos

football-stadium-on-the-legblack-ball-on-the-footteam-name-on-the-lower-legthe-ball-on-the-legJuventus tatto On The Trunkfootball-players-on-the-thighball-on-the-leglarge-ball-on-the-legteam-logo-on-the-headlogo football club on the handthe-ball-on-the-backfootball-club-on-the-shouldername-the-football-club-on-the-legfootball-club-in-the-shinsports a tattoo on his legball-on-the-backfootball-fans-on-the-shoulderball on the legfootball-logo-on-the-legangel-with-ball-on-brushCup-on-the-legfire-the-ball-at-shoulderfan-on-the-back-girlfootball-field-on-the-back

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