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Celtic Ring Finger Tattoo Designs

Finger tattoo designs. As time goes, people get more and more open in expressing their feeling. Finger tattoo designs, long associated to shoddy character and criminal, are now seen more common casually worn by regular people. More interesting concepts and designs are also emerging from this trend, finger tattoos to name one. Ring finger tattoos are one of the most popular finger tattoo designs, it’s a finger tattoo words that look like a real ring. Some even use wedding ring finger tattoo designs where a tattoo is used in place of real wedding ring. So what other variants of finger tattoos are there? Let’s take a look!

Wedding Ring Finger Tattoo Designs

Inside Of Finger Tattoo Designs

Finger tattoo of words are the most popular. It’s a finger tattoo designs that crave a letter or words to your finger or like this ideas of meaning of owl tattoos. Usually it’s an initial letter, but finger tattoo designs with full word or people name are not uncommon. While you might be tempted to get one with the name of your partner, wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend after seeing some interesting finger tattoo at tumblr, you might want to rethink your plan as you might one day separated with them and want to remove your tattoo which involved painful procedure. The process of tattooing the finger is known to be the most painful even for veteran tattoo aficionados, because the skin on the finger is thinner and has more nerve.

The wedding ring tattoo designs usually accompanied with matching wrist tattoo designs. If the wedding ring tattoo takes the place of real ring, the wrist tattoo designs take the place of real bracelet. Beside the wedding ring tattoo designs, there are also finger tattoo designs variant like the thumb tattoo designs which are quite popular. The tattoo designs could be very different but as it take place in the thumb it usually pretty small in size.

Cross finger tattoo

As you can see, cross tattoo on finger is very popular tattoo among young girls in our days. What does it mean? Sometimes it really means strong faith of wearer of this tattoo, but often it’s just the first tattoo which person gets and doesn’t make a sense. By the way the small tattoos like that have a feature to quickly fade especially if it is on the side of finger. It can turns into little black spot so think twice before you decide to get cross finger tattoo!

We wish you good tattoos!

44 Photos of the Best Finger Tattoo Designs

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