Eye Tattoo Meaning and Designs to Wear in 2014

grey cat eyes hand tattoo for men

There are various eye tattoo designs that are equally popular among men and women in 2014. It has a symbolic value and looks attractive on the skin. Eye tattoo provides simple as well as complex designs for people with lots of variations. The eye tattoo can be mixed with various characters as well as symbols. Their meanings are perceived differently in different cultures. It can be a human eye or an animal eye.

We are going to share different meanings of eye tattoos so that you are able to understand the meaning of tattoos before you try any of them.

creative butterfly with eyes shoulder tattoo

Here are some of meanings:

Eye of Horus Tattoo Meaning

It is one of the most widely used tattoo designs among those who have passion to wear tattoos. It is considered as the symbol of power, protection and good health. The eye is depicted as the eye of God and show the meaning of protection. Horus was an old goddess in the history of Egypt, which represent the symbol of protection and is known as the eye of the Horus. The meaning of such tattoo was symbolically represented by the goddess, who has eyes like the sun and the moon. There are lots of stories associated with this. The tattoo is used in various jewelry designs to be worn by men and women.

Egyptian Eye Tattoo Meaning

The meaning of this tattoo is perceived as the symbol of prosperity, luck, wisdom and brings good luck to the wearer. It protects from the evils and saves the wearers from the illnesses. Its symbolic representation is amazingly good and can be customized with different elements. The simple but attractive design gives appealing look to the body. The eye tattoo can be linked with various colors and shapes. It fulfills the needs of religious thoughts as well as an element of style while wearing the eye tattoo.

Eye of Ra Tattoo Meaning

The eye of Ra tattoo is another great tattoo for symbolic presentation. It represents the spiritual powers in the ancient Egyptian culture and it is frequently has been used in various civilizations. This tattoo can be personalized according to one’s likes and can be inked into any size, color or symbols. The simplicity of the tattoo gives it a great appearance on the skin. It can be wide, large eye piercing with different embellishments. It is famous all over the world due to its graphical presentation. It adds elements like:

  • Sun
  • Stars
  • Moon
  • Planets

So, there are different meanings and beliefs about the eye tattoos understood by the wearers. It depends how strong one believes on the tattoos. Most of the people wear this cool tattoo due to their attractive looks rather than their meanings. The amazing designs and patterns of these tattoos have attracted lots of youngsters to wear this tattoo for the graphical presentation.

14 Photos of the Eye Tattoo Meaning and Designs to Wear in 2014

grey cat eyes hand tattoo for men3d hungry eye tattoo on the man's backman with big owl eyes tattoo on the armspider eye forearm tattoo in traditional stylethird eye neck tattoo for girls and womengirl with little eye hand tattoobiomechanical blue eye back tattoo3d tattoo with eye of horus on the backeye white like a trap forearm tattoocreative butterfly with eyes shoulder tattooromantic eye in heart of flowers tattoothe best 3d eye shoulder tattooman with dragon eye leg tattooeasy all seeing eye forearm tattoo
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