Eye of Horus Tattoo is More than Egyptian Myth

eagle and eye of horus back tattoo for girls

The eye of Horushas several other terms that could indicate this eye. Wedjat, Utchat, Ujat are some of the terms that could also indicate eye of Horus. The majority of the terms are mostly made into skin art and most of them come in the form of images. It is painted eye with colors that make it quite attractive. Sound eye and green eye are also made to show the eye of Horus.

Complexity of Eye of Horus Tattoo

gold hand eye egyptian tattoo for girls and women

The elements indicated by the eye of Horus tattoo are pretty complex. The elements in the symbol of the Egyptian eye tattoo are as follows:

  • The eye present in the symbol
  • Tear drop moving and extending near the eye corner
  • The edge of the eye protruding out to form a curve

Eye of Horus – What does it Depict?

Horus is a deity that has horns and animal body more like a goat. The sacrifices were made in the name of this deity and the eye specifies this significance. The wedjat is an element that reflects the deity, Egyptian god Horus. Eye of Horus tattoo is quite unique. The sun god was quite popular and vengeful. The all seeing eyes are basically the sun that could also be termed as “infinitely knowledgeable eye”.

Horus is the All Powerful One

The aperture giving off light and enlightens the inhabitants everyday. The most illuminating of all was the god of sun and he was given most of the credit. The sun and the eye are identical, so as the image. Hence excessively Horus is the all powerful one. The evil meaning of the symbol is devouring the power and letting others starve those who oppose the eye of Ra tattoo.

Eye of Ra Tattoo is Not that Evil

Teardrop of the symbol goes back to the history where the eye of Horus was taken out and sorrow gives off the tear. The two kings fighting to get the kingship had to take the god down. So when the eye was pushed out the tear drop was made in the symbol. The eye was restored but the pain had to be reminded using the tear that dripped down the eyeball.

The edge of the eye curling shows the snake that had been quite close to the sun god. Cobra is said to be the sign of wisdom and intelligence. The circle also indicates the circle of life which the Egyptians believed to be true. The people who make the tattoo want it to reflect honor, dignity, clairvoyance, justice, after life, balance etc.

The protection is must when taking up the skin art having the Egyptian eye tattoo. Before getting the eye of Horus as a tattoo you should know what it means and dig deeper in to the history. People would ask you strange questions and they might confuse it with the evil eye.

12 Photos of the Eye of Horus Tattoo is More than Egyptian Myth

cute black eye of horus wrist tattoo for girlsgold eye of horus forearm tattoo for girls and womensimple eye of ra tattoo on the forearm for meneagle and eye of horus back tattoo for girlsblue eye f horus back tattoo for men3d tattoo with eye of horus on the backgold hand eye egyptian tattoo for girls and womentribal eye of horus tattoo with ankh cross for mensimple black eye of horus back tattoo3d tattoo with egyptian eye and scarab for menblack eye of ra tattoo on the back of neckeye of horus loin tattoo on the black woman
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