Eye-Catching Ideas for Flower Tattoos for Girls & Young Ladies

Flower Tattoos on Back

Flower tattoos for girls express the persona of an individual girl or a woman. These are the symbol of innocence, femininity, sensuality and beauty which describe a woman explicitly.  Have you decided that on which part of your body you want to wear a tattoo? If you haven’t decided yet, then you may find some useful ideas here.

Flower tattoos for girls can be inked on any part of the body and you may have different ideas such as:

Flower Tattoos on Stomach
  • Flower tattoos on foot
  • Flower tattoos on shoulder
  • Flower tattoos on back
  • Flower tattoos on sides
  • Flower tattoos on thighs
  • Flower tattoos on wrist
  • Flower tattoos with names
  • Flower tattoos on hip
  • Flower tattoos on stomach

Flower Tattoos on Foot

Getting flower tattoos on foot is undoubtedly a painful experience because it takes much more time in healing as any other part of the body. Never Mind!!! This little pain will result in an amazing and subtle stain for which you will be admired forever. Dream of a Lotus Flower on your feet can be crafted with the color of your choice such as white, red, pink or blue.

Flower Tattoos on Shoulder

Flower tattoos on shoulder or back shoulder gives you a prominent area to pierce a big flower tattoo. The best part is that tattooing on shoulder is not as painful as on other parts of the body. The floral flower tattoos for girls can be worn as a necklace or simply as an ornament on your shoulder girdle.

Flower Tattoos on Back

Easter lilies are one of the most favorite flower tattoos on back for girls of all times. You can try a couple of colors in the flower, or give it a little shady touch to embellish its classy look. For fashion conscious girls out there, you can better go for 3D floral or rose flower. It will surely enhance your charm.

Flower Tattoos on Sides

Ink a long lily tattoo with some embellishing petals on the sides of your ribs cage. Try it with or without color with some slight shade of black and grey. Flower tattoos on sides give a sensual look to your personality.

Flower Tattoos on Thighs

Thighs are one of the most stunning showcases for flowery tattoos. Try a bunch of roses on the sides of your thighs with a single color design and with delicate petals.

Flower Tattoos on Wrist

Wrist is a small but the best area for getting a tattoo. You can always make a stylish flowery bracelet on your wrist. If you are showy or color lover, adorn it with dark and bright colors. Another charming option of flower tattoos on wrist is tribal flower with its traditional and classy look.

Flower Tattoos with Names

Get flower tattoos with the names of your loved one. It is better to get the name with the rose or Forget Me Not flower. Both of them symbolize love.

Flower Tattoos on Hip

The sensational flower tattoos on hips will undoubtedly attract the sight of every beholder. Angelina Jolie must be among the list of your favorite celebs? Get a traditional Thai style hip tattoo as she does. Try charming and decorative hip tattoos with bright colors as sunflower with vines.

Flower Tattoos on Stomach

It’s better to get a small tattoo on your lower stomach. Getting the front or the whole stomach inked may cause issues for women during pregnancy. A colorful floral chain will do the justice on that sensual part of the body. Rose tribal tattoo is another good choice out of the flower tattoos on stomach.

18 Photos of the Eye-Catching Ideas for Flower Tattoos for Girls & Young Ladies

Flower Tattoos on BackFlower Tattoos on StomachFlower Tattoos on HipFlower Tattoos on BackFlower Tattoos on WristFlower Tattoos on BackFlower Tattoos with NamesFlower Tattoos on BackFlower Tattoos on BackFlower Tattoos on BackFlower Tattoos on ShoulderFlower Tattoos on ShoulderFlower Tattoos on BackFlower Tattoos on FootFlower Tattoos on SidesFlower Tattoos on SidesFlower Tattoos on ThighsFlower Tattoos on Foot
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