Expressing Yourself with Anchor Tattoo Designs

pretty rose and anchor hand tattoo for brash girls

Tattoos have been a way to express oneself from times immemorial. Anchor tattoo designs became popular from the 20th century. Anchors are not only associated with the people who are related to the seas. This symbol is now not just for sailors or the navy. It was thought earlier that older a sailor has worked at the sea, the more the symbol of anchor belonged to him. People who cannot express themselves out loud can easily get tattoos as a form of expression.

Traditional anchor tattoos

traditional colorful anchor tattoo behind the ear of man

Traditional anchor tattoos are more popular than stylized ones. Anchor tattoos for girls are different than anchor tattoos for guys but they are equally famous and well-known around the world. There are more than a hundred ways to say things that you want to, with the help of tattoos. Sometimes the anchor can be carved upside down too. It is the way the wearer wants to show the world what he/she feels like.

In earlier times, anchor tattoos showed that a person was loyal, devoted, determined and steadfast in everything that he did. Even staunch believers of different religions had this tattoo carved on their bodies because it symbolized their unwavering support and strength in their religion.
A simple yet firm relationship can also be symbolized by an anchor. A person can be strong-footed and can withstand any type of adversity with strength; and this is what the anchor shows.

Latest trend infemale anchor tattoos

Female anchor tattoos have always grasped the attention of many. They are different from other anchor tattoos for girls. These tattoos can not only be on the arms or legs. They can be carved anywhere the person wants it to be. Anchor is a symbol for strength, be it of strength of character or physical strength. An anchor can also symbolize the strength of a ship in stormy seas. Anyone can express it in any way possible.

A quote can also accompany the anchor carved on skin, to make it all the more expressive and impressive at the same time. The anchor tattoo quotes can say so much more than what only the picture of an anchor can say. Some show their unconditional love and support through the quotes and/or quotations carved with the anchor. Traditional anchor tattoos can say a lot too but anchor tattoo quotes have now become more in vogue nowadays.

There are various types of anchor tattoos for people of all ages. Some common ones are:

  • Rope entwining anchor
  • Religious anchor tattoos
  • Anchor with navy
  • Anchor quotes
  • Sea-lovers’ anchor tattoos
  • Upside down anchor

These anchor tattoos are associated with the Holy Cross as well. Some consider it the hidden cross and so it holds immense religious value. Some even have this tattoo on them because they become sad when they leave the waters and the vast sea. Sailors and people from the navy were among the first ones to get a tattoo with an anchor. It became their signature, to have an anchor tattoo on their bodies. They can have these tattoos on their upper arms, biceps, chest, back and sometimes they even have small anchor tattoos on their wrists.

Anchor tattoos for guys and girls

Anchor tattoos for guys are sometimes more literal than anchor tattoos for girls. Guys can sometimes be more emotional and sensitive than girls. They show great physical strength, but inside they are soft. Here is where the tattoos come in action. Guys and girls converse with tattoos if they don’t, with speech. Two friends can have the same anchor tattoos, to show the strength of their friendship. To show that they would stand by each other through all the tough times like an anchored ship in stormy seas.

Anchor tattoo designs for inspired people

Anchor tattoo designs have always inspired people of all ages and professions. It may mean one thing to some but completely different to another. Before getting a tattoo you can ask the tattoo artist to show you some designs and then you can decide what suits you the best.

15 Photos of the Expressing Yourself with Anchor Tattoo Designs

girl with excellent foot anchor grey tattoo with flowersblack and white anchor forearm tattoo for menman with symmetrical anchor tattoos in line stylequote anchor tattoo for girl who loves her dad so muchblack anchor tattoo on the shoulder of well-built mangirl with cute anchor tattoo with flowers on the leganchor tattoo with swallow and quote in new school stylecolorful small anchor forearm tattoo for girls and boystraditional colorful anchor tattoo behind the ear of manold school anchor heart tattoo with girl' face on forearmpretty rose and anchor hand tattoo for brash girlsanchor and rose with scales forearm tattoo for menold anchor tattoo on the man' leg and deer tattooboy with anchor long tattoo on the forearmanchor with feather tattoo on the forearm for girls

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