Evil Eye Tattoo Symbolizes Dread, Horror and Bad Fortune

evil eye tattoo design on the wrist for girls

People who put up this sign often want to send out a warning. The symbol carries bad hope and fortune. The solitary eye depicts evil intentions. The evil eye tattoo could be covering the whole body part. There are rituals having this evil eye but the ones who have it intend evil intentions.

Evil Eye Tattoo is Evil Indeed

cute coloured evil eye hand tattoos

One look of this tattoo and it is sure to send a creepy vibe of malice and hatred. Cruelty and oppression reveals down on the individual bearing it and this symbol is quite evil to start with. The eye is ever penetrating and the eye with the pyramid is the ever seeing eye. It sees all and this is a very lethal trait as it is disturbing to have your life being monitored all the time. Hence, the evil eye tattoo meaning could hold nothing good.

The evil eye tattoo designs could be:

  • Round without an eyelash or eyebrow
  • Oval with eyelash or eyebrow
  • Hollow eyes with nothing

Some people might wear such tattoos to show the hatred towards their enemies. The evil eye tattoo designs could be on the hand or biceps. It depends on the place where you want it to be seen. Girls love to get the round eyeball just to the side of the waist. In rich colors like blue or red, the evil eye looks devastating. To make it look more terrifying the eyeball could have the fingers coming out.

What is depicted through the Evil Eye?

To trap the man in the strong evil gaze could be portrayed with the hand stuck in the eyeball. Eye could be that of a fish, round with a dot in the center. The hidden eye within the butterfly torso could make it look fashionable. Feelings being expressed could be indicated using the eye with tears flowing down. An extra eyebrow would indicate worry or anger. Eye could be behind the earlobe.

Evil Eye Tattoo Meaning

A palm could have the eye as well. The evil eye tattoo meaning would always have evil meaning with several bad fortunes.A pentagram or star could have the eye in between or at the core. The eye with purple shade and scarlet boundaries could have a red evil look. Hollow eyes without the black dots could show a possessed vision. A dark gloomy 3D eye ball looks like the hollow dark hole. A small eye could be made near the wrist.

How to Allure Evil Eye Tattoos?

An eye could be indicated with the eyeball that is quite dark. Tiger eyes are wild as well but one eye is basically the eye of evil. Instead of having a hand with the eyeball in the center, the hand palm could have the eyeball in the middle. There are necklaces with the dot eyes and rings have them too. These items could be worn with the evil eye tattoos but the choice is yours.

11 Photos of the Evil Eye Tattoo Symbolizes Dread, Horror and Bad Fortune

bevil eye ball tattoos on the wrist for girlsevil blue eye tattoos on the back of necklittle coloured evil eye hand tattoo on the backbig blue evil eye tattoo on the sidebeautiful evil eye tattoo on the armevil eye hand tattoo behind the ear for girlsblack evil eye hand tattoo on the back for girlsevil blue eye tattoo on the back for girlsevil eye tattoo design on the wrist for girlscute coloured evil eye hand tattoos

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