Everlasting, Trendy and Meaningful Dog Paw Tattoo

dog paw tattoo design on the girl's stomach

Tattoos come in all shapes and forms. Tattoos are perhaps the most diverse form of art and very vast as well. Each and every pattern, symbol, quote, designs and animal can be turned into a personalized tattoo on your body. Tattoos related to dogs are very much loved and revered.

Dogs are the perfect example of everlasting loyalty and friendship. This is why, people love to have such tattoos decorated with these symbols of love. Out of all dogs themed tattoos, the most widely used are the dog paw tattoo designs. Some people may consider these tattoos as too common or mainstream, but there is deep meaning that is revealed through such tattoos.

dog paws tattoo black contour on the wrist

Popularity of Dog Paw Tattoo & Its Designs

Most tattoo artists especially practice hard to master the various dog paw tattoo designs. These tattoos are extremely popular and sought after because two main reasons:

  • If you observe the people who like to keep pets, almost 80% of them keep dogs as pets. Therefore, it is very obvious to tattoo your favorite and faithful pet on your skin.
  • Secondly the deep bond of love and loyalty is depicted through the meanings of dog tattoos. Hence it is the source of encouragement for people to embrace such body art.

Changes in Dog Paw Tattoo Meaning with Passage of Time

Dog paw tattoo meaning has expanded and increased with time. While paying a tribute to your beloved pet is an obvious reason, dog paws also signify endless presence. Many people design their tattoos around dog paw, with the initials or names of their loved ones. This symbolizes an eternal bond of love, and deep impact of the person on someone’s life.

Another very obvious reason is that paw tattoos are compact and cute. They fit anywhere on the body and look so good. It’s a sign that is safe, popular, and will never run out of fashion. It can never go wrong. It is a versatile and changeable design that can fit on any body part.

In addition, it is a design that will not look dirty or unattractive with passing time, as a paw is, just a paw and will always remain so. Dog paws are adorable, and there are many styles to be adopted. Hence if you ever decide to get a pet tattoo, you should seriously consider wearing such an incredibletattoo.

11 Photos of the Everlasting, Trendy and Meaningful Dog Paw Tattoo

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