Best tattoos with the image of an Doctor Who


People, who decorate their bodies with Doctor Who tattoos often describe themselves as “absurd sci-fi nerd”. They try to pay homage to ‘Doctor Who’ with different significant things from the movie. As is evident by a Google search, there is a staggering abundance of Doctor Who themed tattoos.

Fans of all ages express their love of the show by having a permanent memento displayed on their bodies. We may not possess the immortality of Time Lords, but we can at least achieve a sense of permanence with a tattoo, even if it does decay along with our flesh.


There are many different aspects of the show that can be made into a tattoo – characters, objects, and words in various languages, including Gallifreyan. The most frequently repeated is the image of TARDIS. The other popular tattoo  is based on the Doctor’s fob watch, seen in ‘Human Nature’ and ‘Family of Blood.’ Also ‘Doctor Who’ fans want an epic ‘Doctor Who’ BATTLE inked on their body.

For example, ‘Who’ sleeve features swarms of Daleks wiping out the population. The other popular tattoo related with Doctor Who is the inscription Allons-y. This words mean ‘let’s go’ in French and is the Tenth Doctor’s catchphrase.

15 Photos of the Best tattoos with the image of an Doctor Who

Gallifrey-doctor-who-on-the-shoulder-of-menoctor-who-on-the-backblue-house-doctor-who-at-the-hipdoctor-who-tatoo-on-tibiaolice-box-doctor-who-tatoo-on-foottattoo-doctor-who-and-the-time-machine-on-handdoctor who on the backpolice-box-doctor-who-on-the-shoulderdoctor-who-tatoo-on-the-shouldercosmic-machine-of-doctor-who-on-the-shouldersportrait-of-doctor-who-on-tibiaGallifrey-doctor-who-on-the-legspace-booth-doctor-who-on-the-shoulderthe-time-machine-of-doctor-who-on-handpolice-house-doctor-who-on-the-leg

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