The symbolism of the Spider web tattoo

spider web on elbow meaning tattoo 2014

In the past, tattoos had a deep symbolic meaning. Getting a tattoo wasn’t a mainstream activity. It always had a purpose other than body decoration or rebellion. One such deep and widely seen tattoo is the spider web tattoo designs. It has become a conventional tattoo in the present. But there is a lot of meaning and history attached to a spider web tattoo.

Why Spider Web Tattoo Designs is an Enigma?

spider web tattoos with dagger and skull for men

There are very few tattoo patterns that are as complicated or controversial as the spider web tattoo. The first and foremost spider tattoos that came under light, was the traditional spider tattoo. In the rock ages and the medieval times, the traditional spider tattoo denoted struggle.

People got the traditional spider tattoo to showcase the constant struggle in the “web” of life. The entangled web denoted the constant ups and down of life. The spider in the middle denoted the human being, caught in the struggle of life for eternity.

People often get spider web tattoos to denote an upheaval or rebellion. It shows the struggle and suffering of individuals against a political, economic or a social system.

Significance of the Tribal Spider Tattoo

The tribal spider tattoo originated in the Malaysian tribes. However, due to the varying cultures around the world, it is difficult to pinpoint one exact meaning of the tribal spider tattoo. Research has shown that it can possibly mean the following thing according to the tribe or culture:

  • Arabian: In Arabian nomads, spider tattoos denoted good luck. Blue, red, green and other spider tattoos were believed to symbolize good luck, while a black one was considered the sign of bad luck
  • South Asia: In southern Asian tribes, spider tattoos were linked with mysticism and wisdom. The knowledge of weaving was linked to wisdom. The intricate weaving of the web denoted the mysteries of life to be pondered over.
  • Native America: In Native American tribes, a spiders and spider web tattoos were linked to various complicated arts. These arts are referred to knitting, spinning on the spindle, cloth weaving and designing. All these are attributed to the spider’s ability of spinning webs.

Different Meaning of Spider Tattoos for Men

A spider tattoo is more commonly seen on men than on women. There is a good reason behind this. Spider tattoos for men are mostly found in military and criminal world. Most military men or prisoners can be seen sporting spider tattoo. In military perspective, a spider symbolizes agility, cunning and resilience. The Prisoners having a spider or spider’s web tattoo symbolize the struggle and imprisonment.

13 Photos of the The symbolism of the Spider web tattoo

spider web tattoos with dagger and skull for menspider web on elbow meaning tattoo 2014eagle with spider web and skull tattoo breast for mensimple tribal spider web tattoos for menblack oldschool spiderweb tattoo with eye for menman with black widow spider tattoo on the kneesmall spider web tattoo on the ear for girlstattooed man with new school spider web tattoo on elbowlace spider web elbow tattoo for menspider web tattoo with eagle and skull on shoulderblack spider web armpit tattoo for mengirl with spider web tattoo with a pair of loverssimple spider mum tattoo in traditional style

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