Dazzling Dragon Tattoo Designs

black & gray dragon simple tattoo on the girl's foot

Dragon tattoo designs are among the most fantastic and imaginative tattoo designs one can find. Because dragons are mythological creatures, tattoo artists have the creative license to let their imaginations run wild. Artists create mystifying works of art that bring these creatures to life right before your eyes. There are many styles to choose from. If you are considering a dragon tattoo, you should know what it is you are looking for. Some of the most basic different types are:

Chinese dragon tattoo designs and Japanese dragon tattoo designs

man dragon and phoenix tattoo on the chest
  • European dragon tattoos

  • Traditional dragon tattoos

  • Realistic dragon tattoos

  • Abstracted dragon tattoos

  • Colorful dragon tattoos

  • Black and White dragon tattoos

What Does a Dragon Look Like?

Chinese and Japanese dragon tattoo designs depict dragons as long, serpent-like creatures. They make great elongated tattoos that can fill up large volumes of space. European Dragon tattoos, on the other hand, are more bulky. Tattoos of this style often emulate Asian dragon tattoos to become elongated, winged masterpieces.

The Tattoo

Dragon tattoos for men can be fierce and bold. Men’s tattoos often take up more space. As a result, Dragon tattoos as sleeves are a good choice for men. Furthermore, Tattoos that cover the shoulders, back, and chest are also common. These dragons are depicted as fearsome with large teeth and talons. They can have glowing eyes and dark shading to give the dragons a menacing sense.

Dragon tattoos for women can be much more feminine if so desired. Lithe and abstract versions are popular among women because they reflect the grace of femininity. Cherry blossoms and other flowers are good compliments for girl dragon tattoos.

Dragonfly tattoo designs are also popular among women. Though they bear little resemblance to dragon tattoos, they have the same feminine air to them. These tattoos can be realistic or have more elements of fantasy.

Whether you are male, female, Asian, European, North-American, young or old, if you want a dragon tattoo, the perfect design for you is out there. You can choose colorful, playful designs or dark, menacing options. There are whimsical options are startlingly realistic options. You can pair your design with storm clouds, the moon, the sun, flower petals, traditional Asian designs, or words of your own choice. The possibilities are endless; find the right dragon tattoo designs for you.

10 Photos of the Dazzling Dragon Tattoo Designs

girl with the small dragon tattoo on the chestangry dragon back and buttocks woman tattooattractive lady with the dragon tattoo on the hiptribal chinese black dragon back tattoobeautiful dragon hip tattoo for womencolourful dragon head old school tattooman dragon and phoenix tattoo on the chestdragon slayer and eagle and snake tattoofull leg dragon colourful tattooblack & gray dragon simple tattoo on the girl's foot

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