Dandelion Tattoo Meaning for All the Tattoo Lovers

beautiful dandelion flower tattoo on the woman' side and blade

Dandelion tattoo is very popular among women and girls. They hold great importance for them. It has hidden symbolism as well. Such tattoos are usually carved in black ink but color can be added if the wearer so desires. Dandelion tattoo designs come in various types and sizes. They can have whole dandelions with only one or two seeds in the air or all the seeds in the air with an empty stem.

Significance of Dandelion

beautiful dandelion flower tattoo on the woman' side and blade

The dandelion has immense importance in legends and folklores as well. The local people consider it a sacred flower for themselves and that is why a majority of them have dandelion tattoos carved on their bodies. Dandelion has no color as a flower, like the roses or the gladiolas; but what it lacks in color; it makes up for it in its structure. It has a perfect symmetrical structure and you might have blown its seeds in the air at some point in your life.

You can’t just walk by a dandelion without blowing on it! Every child has a memory linked to the dandelion. Adults don’t do that, do they? They don’t have time to “stop and stare” nor do they have time to enjoy the other beauties of life, so they stop noticing the poor dandelion altogether. Thus, this flower shows the past of the person too. A happy past is linked with this flower, when a person was carefree and had no responsibilities.

Dandelion Makes You Feel Your Life

The dandelion is famous for the feeling of “life” it gives to humans. A lone dandelion in a tall grassy field grows and its symmetry and whiteness captures the heart of each passerby. This is the real value of a dandelion. This is what makes it special as a tattoo.

Dandelion Symbolism to Help You Decide

A dandelion tattoo symbolizes many things. The first is a link with childhood, the blowing of its seeds as you walked by the fields. The second link is with “life”. Life is not endless, everyone has to die someday. Dandelion symbolizes the life and happiness in a person’s soul. The comfort he or she gets after making someone laugh, and not because you made fun of somebody!

What Dandelion Really Means

It can mean letting go, memories, heartbreak, unrequited love, wishes and dreams. It can mean so much more to different people all over the world. Because of the different sizes in which it can be made, it can be carved anywhere on the body. Dandelions are also associated with freedom; when the seeds fly in the air there is no stopping them and they can take any course they want. Such are the characteristics of actual freedom. We can do whatever we want and however we want, there is no stopping us.

Dandelion as a Happy Sign

For us freedom in every sense is important. People who already have freedom can have this tattoo as a happy sign while those who do not have freedom in their country can have this as a yearning sign. It depends from person to person. When you see the seeds flying away carefree in the wind, your mind wants to do the same as well. You want to fly high and reach new heights.

Dandelion Bird Tattoo Symbolizes the Heights

Another tattoo which symbolizes the heights a person wants to reach is the dandelion bird tattoo. This tattoo can also be made in different ways. The birds can be soaring with the seeds of the dandelion or they can form a group above the flying seeds. A touch of color to your tattoo at the right place will make it look outclass! The birds can be a different color while the dandelion can remain inked in black. The dandelion bird tattoo has a lot of variety and it gives an option to the wearer to use different colors too.

This is a characteristic of the dandelion flower that it can break ground and survive in tougher conditions as well. This also shows that a person can do the same if he has a strong will power. He can match the odds and then be ahead of them. The dandelion flower then gets freedom after it has broken ground; we, as humans, are the same. If we manage to cross the hurdles and make our way strongly towards the sun, we find freedom.

Some people also believe that if they blow on the seeds of the dandelion and make a wish, then their wish would come true. So the main purpose of such people to have a dandelion tattoo is to keep their good luck with them, carved on their bodies.

Significance Dandelion Tattoo Meaning

Dandelion tattoo meaning can differ from person to person. The literal meaning can be completely different from the meanings that people infer from the flower. The literal meaning is:

  • The yellow pollen: It is associated with clarity, intelligence, radiance, vitality, happiness and health
  • The white seeds: It is associated with purity, be it of heart mind or soul. It also means cleansing, a new start, honesty, transparency and cleanliness.
  • The green stem: It is associated with humility, respect, life, nature, growth and mother earth.

People can have the dandelion inked in its original colors as well and can stick to black as well. Black is more prominent but they can always highlight their tattoo with different colors. Usually only one other color is used. Each color has its own significance; when combined with such a flower as a dandelion, the tattoo becomes all the more meaningful than it already was.

13 Photos of the Dandelion Tattoo Meaning for All the Tattoo Lovers

beautiful dandelion flower tattoo on the woman' side and bladegirly dandelion tattoo in watercolor style with letteringscolorful dandelion tattoo with little flying peoplegirl with dandelionn tattoo on chesttwo nice dandelion tattoos on the bacl only for girlslettering blowing dandelion tattoo on the ankle and shinblack blowing dandelion tattoo on the leg for women and girlswhat is the meaning of dandelion tattoo for girls?cool watercolor dandelion tattoo on the girl's backblack and grey upper arm dandelian tattoo for boys and girlsblack dandelion tattoo on wrist with quotesmall black dandelion tattoo on the back for girlsblowing dandelion tattoo on the back of young girl

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