Cute and Meaningful Swallow Tattoo Designs

swallows and roses and anchor hip tattoo

Tattoos have been around for almost as long as man can remember. Tattoos have symbolized different things according to the era, culture, traditions and much more. Similarly, using swallow tattoo designs are as old as the fashion of wearing tattoos. A swallow design is the most uncontroversial, sweet and peaceful design that can be used as a tattoo. It is safe and beautiful, loaded with meaning and symbolism. It is one of the tattoo designs that have stood during the test of time, since old school swallow tattoo designs are still popular today.

Swallow Tattoo Designs – Always a Safe Choice

new school grey swallow shoulder tattoo for girls

There is a reason why old school swallow tattoo is still in vogue today. The biggest reason is that it is an elegant and safe design. It is completely harmless looking, and perhaps the only tattoo that is not seen as rebellious or aggressive. Old school tattoos are usually centered on a swallow with secondary designs such as floral patterns or leaf wreaths.

Swallow Tattoos Suitable for All

As assumed, swallow tattoo designs are liked because they symbolize peace and tranquility. They are a very traditional choice. Above all, it is a unisex tattoo. It is a design that doesn’t prompt people to judge the person very quickly. Whether it is a man or woman, the swallow tattoo designs are suitable for all.

A swallow tattoo is versatile and can be easily modified. You can incorporate many elements in it. Plus, it is a design that can be conveniently put on any of your body part. Swallow designs look really great on:

  • Shoulder blade
  • Clavicle
  • Wrist
  • Ankle
  • Tummy
  • Lower backside
  • Arm

Swallow tattoo designs are considered out dated by many people but this isn’t true. They are still in fashion, and recommended by most tattoo artists and experts. The reason for this is that these are the tattoos that you will not regret having in any stage of life.

Is Swallow Tattoo for Men Suitable?

Contrary to popular belief, swallow tattoo for men is quite common. As mentioned above, it is a purely unisex design. It isn’t purely feminine or masculine. It widely includes elements of nature that can be attributed to neither males nor females. Swallows taking flight are the most commonly occurring swallow tattoo for men. Men who work with peace missions and initiatives usually get swallow tattoos to symbolize that they are harmless, and only wish for peace.

12 Photos of the Cute and Meaningful Swallow Tattoo Designs

navy black swallow side tattoos for romantic personsmall black and white swallow forearm tattoonice swallows and roses hip tattoo for young girlsgirl with black small swallow tattoo on chestnew school grey swallow shoulder tattoo for girlsswallows and roses and anchor hip tattooman with blue swallow wrist tattoosboy with black navy swallow neck tattoowatercolor family swallow tattoos on the man's stomachcute swallow back tattoo with lettering for girlsnew school swallow tattoo with heart and daggertwo blue swallow tattoos on the girl's back

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