Curly Octopus Tattoo Designs for All Men and Women

man with black forearm and hand octopus tattoo

The sea holds many mysteries in itself. The octopus is one of them. People related to the sea prefer such tattoos. Octopus has eight legs, making it a tattoo that many can have spread on their bodies. It is a huge creature and so octopus tattoo designs cover a greater part of your body. They can even adorn you like clothes.

Octopus has no skeleton and so it is very flexible. It can curl around a fish or a whale even and squeeze it to death. The power in its tentacles is matchless. The suckers beneath each of its eight legs are the killer weapons. Having such qualities, the octopus has become a sure thing for tattoos.

big orange octopus tattoo on the leg

Traditional Octopus Tattoo – Is this still in vogue?

Octopus tattoos have gained popularity nowadays. Its characteristics make it a desirable animal to have a tattoo of. The octopus is quick in moving under water which makes it more agile than other under-water animals. The traditional octopus tattoo is given preference because they are a symbol of agility, flexibility and fertility as well. It is more popular among females than males. A female octopus can lay around 200,000 eggs. What more proof does anybody want?!

Men like the octopus tattoo as well. But they prefer it for different reasons. The octopus snakes around its prey and throws ink as a defense mechanism. It can even camouflage itself against predators in the sea. Men like this for these qualities and they want to act like as they rule the world. They want to do everything but if anything goes wrong, they want to get away undetected. Men might be standing in the crowd but will still be able to camouflage themselves very well.

What an Octopus Tattoo Symbolizes?

Octopus also symbolizes mystery, curiosity and illusions. People are fascinated by the unique attributes of the octopus. The octopus tattoo can be made anywhere on the body. Its shape will fit anywhere on a human body and its tentacles can help make the tattoo a very big one if the wearer so desires.

Traditional vs. Tribal Octopus Tattoo

The traditional octopus tattoo has never been in so much demand before as they are now. Tribal octopus tattoo is also a kind of tattoo which is very common. These tattoos show the personality of the wearer or sometimes what the person likes or dislikes.

Types of octopus tattoos:

  • Octopus on anchor
  • Upside down octopus
  • Poor octopus
  • Sea octopus

If you want anything which has a lot of symbolism in it then octopus or the “squid” as many call it, is the tattoo for you! All you have to do is ink it on your body. The octopus tattoo is better made big because that ensure that all the details are added. It can be made so small that it just covers your wrist, but then there wouldn’t be as much details in that tattoo. The color too, might not show in such a small tattoo. The octopus has been the most wanted tattoo for ages and it will remain that way for ages to come!

13 Photos of the Curly Octopus Tattoo Designs for All Men and Women

girl with black and grey octopus shoulder tattoorealistic cool octopus sleeve tattoo for mencool octopus hands tattoos for creative mencolorful japanese octopus with skull tattoo on the legbig orange octopus tattoo on the legwell-built boy with cute octopus sleeve tattoocute polynesian octopus tattoo on the back and sidesexy octopus thigh tattoo for girls and womenblack and grey tattoo with girl with the head of octopus on forearmman with black forearm and hand octopus tattooman with full back blue ringed octopus colorful tattoogirl with cute poynesian octopus tattoo on the backblue and red octopus shoulder and chest tattoo for men'
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