Compass Tattoo Designs You Would Love to Wear

old compass tattoo on the man' leg

Compass tattoos have always been a favorite for sailors, people in the navy, fishermen and even pirates as well. It is a very important instrument for people at sea. There are no markers at sea which would tell you in which direction you are moving, so the compass is very important. Even people who travel from one place to another in ships feel the need for a compass as well.

Thus, the compass is a preferred tattoo for people who love the seas. Compass tattoo designs can be made in different forms, sizes, shapes and colors. The person chooses it himself and can have any type of compass inked on any part of the body. The compass is symbolic of many things. Some of the characteristics of a compass are:

compass tattoo on the back and shoulder of slim boy
  • Right direction
  • Protection
  • Belief
  • Good luck
  • Fortune

Traditional Compass Tattoo for Luck

The main attributes associated with the compass are the basic reason people have them. Traditional compass tattoo is usually worn by people who want to have good luck and safety while at sea. They feel comforted if they have a good luck charm or a sign with them, and on their body is the nearest they can get it.

The compass may mean different things for different people, but what matters the most is what it means to you. Usually people don’t have tattoos on them to show to the world, they are mainly to give comfort to the person wearing it. It might be a good luck charm or it might revive the good old times for some. Compass tattoo quotes might hold more value for others as well. Instead of having a lone compass carved, they have a quote carved too.

Different writing styles used in the compass tattoo quotes give a different feeling altogether. The font can have an effect on the viewer as well as the wearer. The quotes can convey either a feeling or a memory or something that the wearer wishes the world to know about him. The compass can be made in many styles. The main types of compass tattoos are

  • Star compass
  • Rose compass
  • Nautical star compass
  • Prismatic compass
  • 3 D compass

Tribal Compass Tattoos

It is said that the Spanish conquistadors, some people from the European origin and the Celts were among the first ones to have tribal compass tattoos inked on them. They believed they would have a safe journey and would come back home safely as well. They have used these designs and styles for ages. They became common centuries later and people have now come up with so many designs for just a simple tattoo.

Compass Tattoo Designs for Men Who Love Water

It is usually men who wear compass tattoos, women do have them too but mostly men go out to seas and leave their families behind. A group of sailors who are friends may also have a specific kind of tattoo as a symbol of friendship. This tattoo is preferred on biceps but like all other tattoos it can be inked anywhere on the body.

Significance of Compass Tattoos for Men

Compass tattoos for men are different from others. Women and teenagers commonly add different things to their tattoos to give the additional meanings. Men like it simple and elegant if it is used as a symbol. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t make it colorful or attractive. Their whole body is sometime “decorated” with a single compass tattoo. The compass can be very big or they could add different things to it, like roses, snakes, anchors, boats, ships or oars.

Tribal compass tattoos have now increased in demand as more people want to find a way to express what they love at most. For people who love water, compass tattoos have always been a favorite.

13 Photos of the Compass Tattoo Designs You Would Love to Wear

girl with compass and lotus tattoo for followers of buddism religioncompass tattoo on the back and shoulder of slim boyold compass tattoo on the man' legman with nautical compass arm tattoo in watercolor stylerose compass tattoo on the shoulder for men and women in new school stylecool compass chest tattoo with elements of trash polka styletraditional compass with quote tattoo with small rosesgirly compass tattoo on the back in purple colorman with black and grey compass forearm tattooroses with compass and raven tattoo in old school style on the chestblack forearm compass tattoo for strong mengrey and blue old school compass tattoo for men with small flowerwatercolor compass tattoo with raven on the girl' side

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