Choosing the Best Bear Tattoo Designs for Yourself

Angry bear head tattoo with fish in the teeth

Bear Tattoo Designs are a versatile and extremely modifiable branch of tattoos, available in every style from modern to traditional and tribal to urban. The design you choose for yourself can indicate a variety of things about your personality and nature. Bears are usually the symbol of a gentle nature with a fierce side and are full of confidence and strength. Choosing a bear tattoo can be a difficult job if you don’t know what you’re looking for.


Coala bear tattoo on the liana

The Diverse Range of Bear Tattoo Designs

You can choose any kind of bear tattoo design for your body, depending on the placement and, of course, your own taste. The tattoo can be big enough to cover your entire back or small enough to wrap around a wrist or an ankle. You can add a sentence to the tattoo, or keep just the depiction.

Some of the common depictions of bears, people often use as tattoos are:

  • The head of the bear
  • The head of a bear with the mouth open, teeth bared
  • The claw of a bear
  • The entire bear

The last design is usually reserved for a larger surface area, so that it can be done clearly and looks visible easily. These designs, and many more, such as tribal bear tattoos can be done in a variety of ways, such as 3-D tattoos and watercolor tattoos. As long as you know exactly what you’re looking for, you can get the best bear tattoo design on your skin.

The Symbolism of Tribal Bear Tattoos

Bears have always held a lot of significance in the Native American tribal culture. To these tribes, the bears are a symbol of strength and protection. They are an indication of power and confidence, as well as of motherhood in the females. The gentle nature of a bear, combined with its fierceness when provoked creates a majestic creature everyone reveres. The bear is an important part of the tribal culture and that is why these tattoos are so popular.

Bear tattoos, or generally tattoos of any kind are a commitment for life. They are a permanent form of adornment that looks beautiful when done accurately. Before getting your tattoo done, you should ponder carefully over the bear tattoo design and make any modifications so that the tattoo becomes a statement of who you are. You can add a favorite line, some modern artwork or choose how the tattoo should be placed. Once you’ve made the final decision, it’s time to go look stronger!

12 Photos of the Choosing the Best Bear Tattoo Designs for Yourself

Colourful pooh bear gag tattooBig bear with little bear tattooTattoo of howling bear stands on two legsCeltic bear tatoo with cigarette in his teethAngry bear head tattoo with fish in the teethPolar bear in the spinney tattoo on woman bodyTattoo painting of rageful bear headCoala bear tattoo on the lianaBlack bear face tattoo artBear colourful prism tattoo on the shoulder bladeSmall tribal black bear tattoo on the armBright pooh bear tattoo
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