Smashing Celtic Knot For Love Design Ideas

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Celtic heart knot meaning and ideas have gained popularity not only in jewelry designs but also in body art such as Celtic knot for love tattoo. Many people love the design because they always stand out in the crowd. The intertwining and seemingly never-ending patterns seem unique and have deep meanings. Unique and elegant Celtic love knots inspire many people and designers of jewelry to tattoos at the same time.

Features of Celtic Love Knots

Best Celtic Love of Knot Tattoos for Family Forever
  • · Celtic knots are the Irish symbols of love.
  • · The pattern of the symbol refers to the union of two souls.
  • · Celtic love knots are endless part and they represent the eternity and never ending faith, loyalty, and friendship.
  • · The symbol shows the metaphors for life that is why it is frequently referred to as “love knot”.

The Celtic Heart Knot meaning goes deeper than just superficial attraction for a person. Movies and other media have given the misimpression of it being associated with something sleazy. Rather the tattoo symbolizes courage, bravery, the victory of light over darkness and noble love. The Celts were fierce warriors of the Iron Age and their symbols have been preserved to this day. These arcane symbols have long since astounded people and many believe it to be more than just a mean of a written language.

How to Tie a Celtic Love Knot

Honestly the original or the actual meaning of Celtic knots for love is hard to determine. But today most people have adapted these knots to their own version of Celtic knot for love. They are commonly used in wedding ring, but now also are being used in body art, such as tattoos. Celtic love knots symbolize the power of love. The many designs with their interwoven lines exhibit the bond shared between two souls and how inseparable they are.

So, if you are interested in using the design of Celtic knot for love to beautify your body, there are the different types of Celtic style of love knot and their meaning:

  • · Triple Drop Love Knot: It uses three strands. It represents the most important and powerful elements of nature consist of earth, fire and water. The design of the symbol meaning is unity, spirit, strength and being.
  • · Four Love Knot: It uses four circles, which distinct interlocking each other, with the double lines at edges. The symbol is presenting the all four seasons in a year and has a meaning as an excellent luck, will and fortune. While the double lines mean the love or friendships between two people.
  • · Square Love Knot: the design was consisted of four single lines. All the lines run along the four sides. The design has a meaning of eternal love and loyalty. This design commonly found in the wedding ring. And, become the favorite tattoo design amongst the girl.
  • · Round Love Knot: the design uses a circle with a three interweaving lines. A circle represents the sun, and the lines represent the three of nature forces such, i.e. earth, water and fire. The design is most admired and common for Celtic Knot for body tattoo.
  • · Oval Love Knot: This is the simplest design of Celtic knot for love. The design represents the eternity of life. This is also the oldest design for Celtic knot for love has ever found. After you learn the basic design, and the meaning of Celtic knot for love symbol, now you can choose which one is more suitable for your own. And, then you can start beautifying your body with using the Celtic knot for love tattoo design, which is indeed very inspiring and beautiful.

22 Photos of the Smashing Celtic Knot For Love Design Ideas

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