Celebrating Ultimate Transition – Renewing the Skull Tattoo Meaning

skull leg tattoo in the mirror witn flower for girls

Defining the legendary skull tattoo meaning by constricting it to a limited topic would be more than injustice to its legacy. Pirates used to have the skull as a symbol to depict them. The skull along with the cross bones reminded them of the thrills and carefree life in the open seas. Nowadays, skull tattoo meaning is quite different as compared to what it was then.

Modern Skull Tattoo Meaning

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Skulls depict different feelings such as death, the transition from life to death, danger, pain, aggression, decay and a lot more. However, contrary to such feelings and expressions, the skull tattoo meaning can be seen in a more positive light. The Mexicans have a day for the ones who passed away. Here the skull is actually a symbol which honors their departure and absence from this world.

Winning Combinations Revealed from Owl Skull Tattoo Meaning

Now combine the skull tattoo with the bird of wisdom. Makes for quite a remarkable combination, it does for sure. Owls are well known and stand out among other birds for more reasons than one. This adds to the owl skull tattoo meaning. Starting off:

  • · An owl comes awake in the night. This may be inferred as laziness but actually it refers to the creature’s ability to concentrate. An owl skull tattoo meaning can go quite deep, signifying the ability to delve in to the depth of things.
  • · The nocturnal approach further adds to their ‘wisdom’ title. Being up and at it when not a soul is in sight makes for deep concentration and thoughtfulness in solitude. Plus those striking, wide-awake eyes give an all-seeing impression. The wearer of this tattoo will give the impression of profound wisdom when combined with a skull which signifies the journey beyond death.

Sugar Skulls – The Mexicans’ Point of View on Skulls

Mexican skull tattoos are actually made in respect and regard of the departed. They are more commonly referred to as sugar skull tattoos. The name might not ‘click’ with skulls but for Mexicans, it does! One gets a Mexican skull tattoo meaning to commemorate the time spend by the departed in this world and express your love for them. Getting a Mexican skull tattoo meaning thinking about life after death is quite a fine way to focus on the more important things in life. The tattoos are supposed to be colorful since skulls here signify joy and celebration and hence should not be morbid looking.

Love Knows No Bounds, Not Even Death

As mentioned above, the Mexican skull tattoos, are a symbol of joy. Same goes for the skull and rose tattoo meaning the rose adds to it in a positive way. Of course it depends on the wearer as well as to what he/she wants their skull and rose tattoo meaning to be. Roses symbolize love and couple that with a skull can show how far one takes love. In a romantic way the skull intensifies the feelings of love emitted by the rose. Many couples get this tattoo to show that no matter what happens, love will keep them together. It even signifies their willingness to challenge any obstacle in the path of their love.

10 Photos of the Celebrating Ultimate Transition – Renewing the Skull Tattoo Meaning

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