Bull Tattoo Designs and styles

big bull head tattoo design

Bull tattoo designs are often created to showcase the strength and ferocity of the bull. The bull is a known symbol for fearlessness and aggression. For many, these are qualities to stay away from. Still, some get a thrill from the excitement of the bull and consequently want a bull design.

These designs come in a range of styles including:

red bull shoulder tattoo for girls
  • Traditional
  • Tribal
  • Modern/realistic
  • Styles for Women

The Styles

The traditional style bull tattoos are cartoonish by nature. They use dark browns, black, and reds to create the angry, ferocious face that the world knows. These tattoos can be serious, but they always appear slightly playful due to the coloring and drawing techniques.

Tribal bull designs, on the other hand, are almost always entirely black. They are made with bold contours that encase black patterns and designs that shape the bull. These tattoos are abstract and imaginative. They are a good choice for someone looking for the majesty of the bull.

Modern bull tattoos are made with recent technology. New tattooing techniques and artists allow us to create tattoos that are strikingly realistic. These bull tattoos seem to be charging straight from the skin. They are more popular among men. Furthermore, these tattoos are good for taking up large volumes of space such as a shoulder, back, or chest.

Abstract designs are popular among women. Some, however, choose smaller realistic bull tattoo options. Bull skull tattoos are popular. Flowers are also a popular compliment to bull tattoos for women.

Customizable Tattoos

Bull tattoo designs can be created in a number of ways. These bulls can be pictured standing, sitting, charging, or even playing. They can be abstract, realistic, or somewhere in between. The color palate usually does not offer much variation. For this reason, artists sometimes use their imagination.

Artists use colors in feathers and flowers that surround the bull. They also use their colors to create the swells of muscle and plumes of smoke. If you want a colorful bull tattoo, there are plenty of ways to work color into the design.

Bull tattoos are a popular way to show one’s personality. They can be work by the rough-and-tumble type, or by those who work on cattle farms. Whatever your tie to the bull, you can find bull tattoo designs that will convey exactly what you want.

Find a rampant and rampaging bull design!

13 Photos of the Bull Tattoo Designs and styles

funny riding bull& monkey tattoocolourul bull tattoo on the man's sidecolourful bull tattoo in old school stylered&black tattoo with bull headferdinand bull monochrome tattoo on the legtaurus bull religion colourful tattoo on the armred bull shoulder tattoo for girlsbull skull colourful tattoo with flowersbig bull head tattoo designviolent bull with pitchfork and acorns tattoo designbull head tattoo on the man handferdinand the bull kind cartoon tattoobull tracery man chest tattoo

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