Meaning of a tattoo — a buffalo

tattoo skull of a Buffalo on the leg

The bull in any culture is considered as a symbol of courage. The bull in some cultures admired as a sacred animal.
Today the image of the bull carries generally a symbol of male energy. Such tattoo will suit mature men who lead an active, brutal life. Having applied a bull on any part of a body, this shows the force and power of the person.
The bull always symbolized vital energy. Only the horse could bypass it in popularity. Almost in all cultures the bull was a symbol of divine power.
Young people with a strong body can safely put such tattoo, proceeding from such cultural tradition. Value of a tattoo a bull will be clear practically for all people around.
If to represent a furious animal on a tattoo, it can be compared to a thunder or an earthquake. Such image shows hot and strong temper of the owner.
Value of a tattoo with a bull meant force at all times, therefore it is chosen by people of the corresponding character and temperament.


17 Photos of the Meaning of a tattoo — a buffalo

Buffalo tattoo on shouldergreat-African-Buffalo-on-the-shouldertattoo-head-of-the-American-Buffalo-on-the-shouldertattoo-big-Buffalo-on-the-shoulderhead-of-the-American-bison-on-the-handrunning-Buffalo-tattoo-on-shoulderfunny-Buffalo-tattoo-on-leghuge-African-head-of-a-Buffalo-on-the-backhead-of-a-Buffalo-on-the-mans-shoulderswicked-Buffalo-tattoo-on-shoulderrunning-American-Buffalo-on-the-thighblack-shape-of-a-Buffalo-on-the-shouldertattoo skull of a Buffalo on the legtattoo-evil-Buffalo-on-male-breasthead of Buffalo on the back of the girltattoo-black-head-of-a-Buffalo-on-the-shouldertattoo-Buffalo-warrior-on-the-back

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