Buddhist Tattoos and Meanings – Ink To Be Enlightened

buddist colourfu forearm tattoo with lettering

Buddhism is one of the most practiced and pioneer religions in the world. The association of religion can be depicted with the help of Buddhist tattoos and meanings. These intricate designs of tattoos associated with Buddha’s teaching reflect mindfulness, wisdom, awareness and mortality. All these tattoos help to create visual testimony of the beliefs of Buddhism and representation of deep spirituality.
The Buddhist tattoos and meanings are different for one culture to another. Some of the commonly used symbols of such tattoos and their meanings are discussed as below:

The Lotus Flower & Its Buddhist Tattoos and Meanings

buddhist sleeping sun tattoo on the forearm

The lotus flower is an important symbol of Buddhism and it is one of the most commonly used types of tattoo in Buddhist art. In Buddhism, the lotus flower presents the spiritual awakening and beliefs of Buddhism. It separates us with temptation and materialistic attractions of this physical world. It reminds the wearer about the spiritual growth and meditation of virtue.
In Buddhism, the meaning of the tattoo is perceived according to its color and shape. Like the blossom of the lotus flower is considered as purity and it can be achieved by following the teachings of Buddha. It is inked in various colors, as every color in lotus flower has the different meaning. Similarly, closed bloom of flowers represents that a person has the potential to seek enlightenment.

There are different perceptions about the color of the lotus flower and some are mentioned below:

· The pink blossom color of flower shows the purity of the Buddha himself.
· The white color reflects the purity of body and mind.
· The red color represents the purity of emotion of the heart.

The Laughing Buddha

The laughing Buddha is an amazing tattoo design and there is different perception among public about this tattoo. Jovial laughing is considered as an image of Buddha among many other and we can find various folklores about the character. It is a great tattoo design that can be inked on belly and back as well. It looks so graceful when added in rich colors and adding various symbols with it.
The Buddha’s character was depicted as a poor man but satisfied. This laughing Buddha brings auspicious energy, blessing and wealth to the wearer. So this tattoo is considered as the symbol of good luck to the wearer. The laughing Buddha tattoo is available with many embellishments that make it appealing and attractive when inked.

Buddhist Tattoos and Meanings in Other Words

However, most of the Buddhist tattoos are not primarily meant for drawing attention, but they are very helpful in expressing ideas and thoughts. It is a great way for the people who are followers of Buddha’s teachings and carry these tattoos to show attachment towards the path of wisdom. No matter what tattoo design a person chooses, it has some special meaning that reflects the philosophies, ideologies and hopes of Buddha’s teachings.

10 Photos of the Buddhist Tattoos and Meanings – Ink To Be Enlightened

buddhist sleeping sun tattoo on the forearmbuddhist lotus om forearm tattoo for girlswoman with bright buddhist lotus om side tattoobuddhist symbol tattoo for men and womenblack buddhist chest tattoobuddist colourfu forearm tattoo with letteringgirl with black buddhist elephant back tattoored buddhist mantra tattoo on the men's forearmbuddhist monk tattoos on the back and shoulderdouble budda full back colourful man's tattoo
tiger stripe shoulder tattoo for creative people
Tiger Stripe Tattoo
varan smoker lisard tattoo on the back
Varan Lisard Tattoo
fake tattoos bird dragon
Tattoos Bird Dragon
roaring black panther tattoo with flower on the hand
Roaring Black Panther Tattoo