Brilliant Eagle Tattoo Designs

beautiful chest & shoulder eagle tattoo for men

Popular demand has given artists the opportunity to perfect an array of eagle tattoo designs.These tattoos are popular for their potent symbolism. They signify wisdom, strength, power, nationalism, respect, freedom, and guidance. Each allegorical tattoo is a unique masterpiece. There are, however, several distinct styles of tattoos that are popular for eagles.

These tattoos often come in the styles of:

old school eagle with roses shoulder tattoo
  • Realistic/modern

  • Traditional

  • Tribal

Tribal designs are abstract. They are more imaginative than some other styles. Tribal tattoos can incorporate patterns, and are often comprised of bold line work. It’s hard to not get lost in the bold, creative designs.

Traditional Designs, on the other hand, are more cartoonlike in nature. They feature more color than tribal tattoos. They are, however, still simplistic. Bold black is used to outline cartoonish figures. This style is playful, but can still convey the power of the eagle.

Today tattoos can be very realistic and dynamic. Coloring and layering techniques allow artists to replicate any design. Tattoos have grown from simple sketchy, cartoon drawings to complete masterpieces. If you have a taste for high quality art, a realistic eagle tattoo may be for you.

Additionally, artists can add any number of backgrounds and accents to designs. Backgrounds and other elements are uncommon in tribal style. Old school eagle tattoos, on the other hand, often feature daggers, banners, rope and knots, droplets of blood, roses, hearts, and cartoon characters. In contrast, realistic designs often incorporate stunning backgrounds such as storm clouds or flags.

For Him, For Her, For Everyone

Eagle tattoos are popular in both men and women. Men in the armed forces are some of the most common to receive these tattoos. Eagle tattoos for men are often large enough to cover shoulders, chests, or backs. They appear fierce and ready to fight. Eagle tattoos for women do not have to be any less fierce. They do, however, often bear the more spiritual side of the eagle. Large, dark tattoos are less popular in women. So, the eagle tattoos for girls can be made to be light and reverent.

Eagle Designs are as unique as the wearers of the tattoos. Designs can be customized to symbolize a multitude of things. If the eagle resonates with you, check out the infinite eagle tattoo ideas online, or come up with your own eagle tattoo designs.

Personalize the perfect eagle tattoo for you!

12 Photos of the Brilliant Eagle Tattoo Designs

woman with eagle claw forearm tattoochest eagle man tattoo in old school styleblack eagle geometric shoulder tattoo3D eagle big head tattoobeautiful chest & shoulder eagle tattoo for meneagle wings realistic tattoo on the man's chestscreaming eagle colourful cartoon tattooserious eagle full back man tattooold school eagle with roses shoulder tattooscreaming eagle with scull tattooeagle gray feather tattoo on the shouldereagle with shield chest man tattoo

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