Meaning of a biomechanical tattoos


Tattoos in a biomechanical style (Biomechanics), appeared in the 70-s . It is still young style, but, certainly, one of the most fashionable today.

I old school style, the biomechanics was most often done in monochrome execution. Nowadays it has many colors. Tattoo in biomechanical style is a unification of a live organism and various mechanisms.


Usually, it is possible to see images of different metal parts or the whole mechanisms. These are different bolts with nuts, iron bones, ruptures of muscles and skin. Such tattoos look fine in any size.

Especially well such tattoos in three-dimensional look. The biomechanics is that style by which you can show that “inside of you”. Tattoos in style of the biomechanic became popular thanks to works the Swiss artist G.R. Gigera.

This fantast realist was engaged in design of the movie “Alien”. Biomechanical style of tattoos developes with coming out of new fantastic movies, computer games, in particular with the robotized characters, finding the increasing popularity as among representatives of both sexes.

45 Photos of the Meaning of a biomechanical tattoos

tattoo-mechanical-arm-for-mentattoo-metal-rod-in-his-leg-menbiomechanical-tattoo-on-waist-womenbiomechanical-tattoo-marks-on-shoulder-for-menthe-mechanical-heart-tattoo-on-chest-for-menbiomechanical-tattoo-collar-menmale-tattoo-biomechanical-legbiomechanical-tattoo-with-skulls-on-the-leg-menfemale-tattoo-biomechanical-backmen's biomechanical tattoo scratches on the edgestattoo-mechanical-city-on-the-backbiomechanical-tattoo-on-shoulder-blades-womenbiomechanical-tattoo-on-leg-for-menbiomechanical-tattoo-on-forearm-for-mentattoo-mechanical-rod-on-his-shoulder-menbiomechanical-tattoo-scratches-on-the-forearm-menmens-biomechanical-tattoo-on-his-arm-and-chesttattoo-mechanical-creature-on-the-blade-menbiomechanical-tattoo-on-shoulder-for-menbiomechanical-tattoo-on-the-neck-of-the-manbiomechanical-tattoo-shields-on-the-shoulder-of-menbiomechanical-tattoos-for-men-forearmbiomechanical-tattoo-spikes-on-the-shoulder-of-menbiomechanical-tattoo iron rod-in his-leg-men

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