Hiding Tattoos: How to Use Makeup to Cover Tattoos

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Tattoos are a personality statement. They are a strong projection of who you are. Though tattoos are generally accepted nowadays, one place where they aren’t tolerated is your workplace. There, you are expected to not only dress professionally but also to look the part of professional team. Tattoos on the back, shoulder, or hip can be concealed easily, but those on arms, legs (for women who wear skirt-suits) and hands must be covered. One of the best solutions is makeup to cover tattoos.

Using Makeup to Cover Tattoos

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Makeup has always been a girl’s best friend. And why shouldn’t it be? It helps cover up everything a girl doesn’t think is beautiful enough. So why not use makeup to hide tattoos? The best way to use makeup as a tattoo cover is by layering.

Here are the steps to cover up tattoos with makeup:

  • Step 1: Use a concealer all over the tattoo. You can use a liquid concealer and apply it evenly to get clear coverage.
  • Step 2: Apply a layer of foundation very close to your skin tone. The shade should be an exact match.
  • Step 3: Cover with a layer of powder. You can use translucent powder or makeup powder to finish the cover up off with

A Useful Tip: Apply a layer of hairspray to keep the powder fixed and the cover up to last longer.

What is the Best Tattoo Cover Up?

Nowadays, apart from simply using makeup to cover the tattoos, people have also begun to use specially designed tattoo cover up makeup kits. These kits usually hold a strong concealer, a spray foundation and translucent powder. You can get a kit to match your skin tone. This is one of the best cover up ideas and is highly useful to hide tattoos.

Best Cover up Tattoos – an Alternate Choice

Another best cover up idea for tattoos is to get another tattoo over the tattoo you already have. This is a useful idea if you’re trying to get rid of an old tattoo that you’re bored of or that holds painful memories, like an ex’s name. This usually works best when the previous tattoo is very old. There are many ideas that can give you the best tattoo cover up to get rid of an old tattoo.

Using the way that suits you best, you can hide or get rid of an old tattoo easily. Tattoos are a permanent art form, so you should definitely think the idea over before getting the tattoo. It may include going with a temporary tattoo or figuring out the rules and codes of the workplace, etc. This gives you a head start on choosing a cover up strategy.

34 Photos of the Hiding Tattoos: How to Use Makeup to Cover Tattoos

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