Tattoo with the image of beaver

tattoo beaver on the shoulder

The beaver symbolizes diligence and feeling of solidarity. He is the ideal builder. Strength of a beaver helps to realize dreams and representations into action, cooperating thus with others, as a beaver — the pronounced family man.

This animal is always ready to defend, with his sharp teeth he can bring down trees. The beaver protects the constructions created by him and is always on the alert.

tattoo beaver in the head

Strength of a beaver can be attracted to find the correct solution. It has many opportunities, and its structures have many exits.

The beaver follows the principle: “If one door is closed, another — is open”.
If the beaver became the hero of your dream, it can indicate implementation of long desire or end of any project.

10 Photos of the Tattoo with the image of beaver

tattoo beaver on the shouldertatoo beaver on his handtattoo beaver in the headevil-red-beaver-on-his-shouldertatoo optimistic beaver with a log on the buttock mentatoo funny beaver in the blue cap on the male tibiatattoo beaver glasses on the shoulderred beaver on tibia

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