Aztec Tribal Tattoos – What They Mean to Girls and Women

tribal aztec tattoo on the man's chest

Aztec tribal tattoos belong to a proud, culturally rich Mexican tribe. Today men and women both get these tattoos either to embrace the beauty of a lost civilization or just for a fine attractive body adornment. However, these tattoos have variety of symbols which have different meanings for various body parts.

A Brief Description of Aztec Tribal Tattoos

aztec tribal tattoos on the legs

The native language of the Aztec tribe, Nahuatl, used pictures as a mode of communication. These pictures were carved over Aztec temples, structures, buildings, etc. What may appear as a mode of decoration, these symbols and pictures in-fact carried vast and deep meanings.
The Aztec art is highly individualistic, with shapes that marks Aztec symbols. This style has been recreated to form modern day tattoos. Eagles, frogs, monkeys and jaguars are common animal Aztec tattoos. The collection of these tattoos is a symbol of devotion to various gods in Aztec culture. However, today they are mostly painted due to their intricate and attractive designs.

Aztec Women Tattoos – Symbolic and Appealing

Aztec tattoos for girls and Aztec women tattoos certainly hold some meaning for those who carry them. Other than this they do have a certain cultural and historical message to them. These tattoos have a long tradition. Although not feminine in nature, yet they hold a special importance in Aztec culture and their religious practices. They were an inevitable part of their ceremonies and even children wore them to show their dedication to God.
Aztec Tattoos for girls and Aztec women tattoos are special in nature, where most of the pictures illustrate warriors’ strength and power. If women want something extraordinary, they may go for their children’s names in their native language. Calendar is also another popular Aztec tattoo. It is a fairly complicated image so most women opt for only a part of the entire image to make it unique and customized.

Other popular Aztec Tattoos for women and girls include:

  • Eagles, although depict warriors, yet they go equally well with women
  • Sun which is popular but not so ordinary
  • The goddess of water, Chalchihuitlicue; a protector of working women and birth
  • Calendar marked by flowers
  • Rain deity

While these tattoos are a perfect, attractive piece of body art, they require good research. Since pictures are used as a language, women need to be careful. What may seem like a drawing would carry a lot deeper meaning. Therefore cautiously choosing an Aztec tattoo is the essential first step women need to focus on.

10 Photos of the Aztec Tribal Tattoos – What They Mean to Girls and Women

aztec great tribal calendar tattooaztec tribal half sleeve tattoo for mentribal aztec tattoo on the man's chestaztec tribal symbols tattoos on the legsaztec tribal full back tattoo for menaztec tribal eagle tattoo on the backblack aztec tribal owl forearm tattootribal aztec tattoo on the man's chest and half sleevetribal aztec arrows tattoos for girlsaztec tribal tattoos on the legs
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