Meaning of a tattoo angel


In the modern art of a tattoo angels meet quite often and in various meanings. Now meaning of a tattoo of angel isn’t purely religious symbol.
Most often angels are represented by beautiful, tall youths with the long hair and wings dressed in a white clothes.
Image of marvelous envoys as intermediaries between material and spiritual worlds is present at a number of world religions: in Islam, in the Jewish religion and especially in Christianity.
Angels often can be met on pages of the Bible, and play a role not only envoys there, but also protection, God-given for the person, or punishment.
Winged gods-envoys were known also in the Egyptian culture.
The image of the Cupid originates from the Greek-Roman mythology. The Cupid was god who caused or destroyed love between people on the earth.
Also are known, so-called, fallen angels who passed to serve a devil therefore became a symbol of treachery, incorrectnesses and the evils.
It’s possible to tell that meaning of a tattoo an angel rather difficult, but reasonable. The angel of light symbolizes protection, divinity, aspiration to an order, inspiration and spirituality, love and belief.

lovers angel and demon on the shoulder

35 Photos of the Meaning of a tattoo angel

color-angel-on-the-shoulderangel-on-the-bladeangel-woman-on-the-shoulderangel-on-the-shoulders-of-girlsflying-angel-on-my-shoulderlittle angel on a woman's stomachangel-and-the-demon-in-the-chestblack-angel-on-the-shoulder-of-mengrey angel on the male sidesad-angel-on-the-backfalling-angel-on-back-girlpraying-angel-on-the-shoulderpraying-angel-on-a-mans-shouldergrey-angel-on-shouldersleeping-angel-on-the-back-mennaked-angel-on-the-female-sideheavenly angel on the backlittle-angel-on-a-womans-shoulderdark-angel-on-the-backangel on male backgirl-angel-on-mens-shouldersgirl-angel-on-the-shoulderred-angel-on-the-backlarge-angel-on-the-back

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