Ambigram tatoo


Tattoo logo – an ambigram, what it for a tattoo? Tattoos are widely used in the modern world. Now, each tattoo means something, and each person wants to bring the message to the reader.
What to do to people who want, what their tattoo would be unusual, a little strange, with sense? Everything is very simple! It is just necessary to fill an ambigram.
Ambigram – a type of writing when from one line of words it is possible to read another. From where it started? Poets, especially Russian classics were fond of the first ambigrams. They also gave definition to 180 and 90-degree revolution (listoverten’ and ortoganat respectively).
Tattoo of an ambigram can have different meanings. It can be any phrase, or certain drawing. But one remains constant: is rather easy in reading, but very difficult in writing.
Yes, it is worth reminding that if you want to fill to yourself an ambigram, it is worth going to professionals who precisely know where and how to fill a similar tattoo. Because, it will be difficult to tattooer to make the tattoo be read distinctly from any foreshortenings, but if it turns out, the tattoo will become a masterpiece.


30 Photos of the Ambigram tatoo

an-ambigram-tatoo-on-the-handsgraphic-ambigram-on-backgraphic-ambigram-tatoo-on-the-neckdark-ambigram-on-the-wristan-ambigram-is-an-inscription-on-the-backcolor-ambigram-tatoo-on-the-wristsblack-ambigram-on-the-wristgreat-ambigram-on-forearmgrey-ambigram-on-the-elbowmirror-ambigram-on-the-shoulderlarge ambigram tatoo on the shouldersan-ambigram-on-handknown-ambigram-on-the-thighlittle-ambigram-on-the-wristgreen-ambigram-on-backan-ambigram-on-male-breastblack-ambigram-tatoo-on-tibialong ambigram tatoo on the spineinverted-ambigram-tatoo-on-backinverted-ambigram-tatoo-on-forearmred-ambigram-on-the-elbowred-ambigram-on-the-sideblue-ambigram-tatoo-on-handmirror-ambigram-on-the-foot

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