Roman numeral tattoos and their meaning

tattoo Roman legionary on the shoulder
Roman Gladiator on the man's shoulderstattoo-portrait-of-the-Pope-on-tibiaRoman-warrior-Gladiator-tattoo-on-legmad-Roman-warrior-tattoo-on-armRoman-numerals-and-the-angel-on-shouldertattoo-Roman-legionary-on-the-ankletattoo-battle-Roman-gladiators-on-the-backRoman-battle-tatoo-on-the-back-of-a-men

The Roman tattoos transfer us to the remote past, in the era of wars, battles and courage, valor and dighnity. For this reason, often man prefer to carry these tattoos to ‘s, though there are exceptions. Drawings of battles, legionaries, gladiators, the Roman numbers can be images of these tattoos. Recently tattoos of the Roman […]

Meaning of tatoo Deer

the head of a deer with flowering horns
wild deer tattoo on the sidebrown-deer-tattoo-on-leghead dark deer on forearmsmall-deer-tatoo-on-the-forearmgreat-deer-tattoo-on-the-backmonochrome-deer-tatoosmall deer tattoo on the neckdeer-tattoo-on-thigh

This animal from first minutes impresses with the beauty, grace, force. Here therefore in many myths it is possible to meet a deer. Most often representatives of a strong half of mankind decorate their bodies with this proud animal. But it is impossible to tell unambiguously that women aren’t seduced by such tattoo. On their […]

Meaning of rabbits tattoo

white rabbit with a Cup on the leg
tattoo-rabbit-fantasy-on-the-chesttattoo-colorful-rabbit-tibiatattoo mystic blue rabbit with bone on the tibiawhite rabbit with a Cup on the legtattoo little rabbit on the legrabbit-with-horns-on-the-tibiatattoo rabbit with a clock from a fairy tale on the kneefantastic-images-of-rabbits-on-the-chest

Such harmless animal as the rabbit, since ancient times symbolizes fertility and sexuality. The Chinese horoscope shows us that the rabbit is the happiest of all zodiac signs. Rabbits are kind and tender animals in itself. The Chinese culture considers a rabbit as “Yin” energy as activity of a rabbit is shown at night more […]

Meaning of a tattoo — a buffalo

head-of-a-Buffalo-on-the-mans-shoulderstattoo-Buffalo-warrior-on-the-backrunning-American-Buffalo-on-the-thightattoo-head-of-the-American-Buffalo-on-the-shoulderwicked-Buffalo-tattoo-on-shouldergreat-African-Buffalo-on-the-shoulderBuffalo tattoo on shoulderhead-of-the-American-bison-on-the-hand

The bull in any culture is considered as a symbol of courage. The bull in some cultures admired as a sacred animal. Today the image of the bull carries generally a symbol of male energy. Such tattoo will suit mature men who lead an active, brutal life. Having applied a bull on any part of […]

Tattoo with the image of beaver

tatoo optimistic beaver with a log on the buttock men
tattoo beaver glasses on the shoulderred beaver on tibiatatoo funny beaver in the blue cap on the male tibiatattoo beaver on the shouldertattoo beaver in the headtatoo beaver on his handevil-red-beaver-on-his-shoulder

The beaver symbolizes diligence and feeling of solidarity. He is the ideal builder. Strength of a beaver helps to realize dreams and representations into action, cooperating thus with others, as a beaver — the pronounced family man. This animal is always ready to defend, with his sharp teeth he can bring down trees. The beaver […]

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woman dragon chinese tattoo on buttock
Woman Dragon Chinese Tattoo
black wolf dreamcatcher tattoo for girls and women
Wolf Dreamcatcher Tattoo